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  1. That's a good plan. Glides have a good amount of bounce so you won't be too low by bending them stronger
  2. Is it the same putt over and over or do you move around the hole? At 3 to 5 feet from the hole PGA Tour players make 88% of putts attempted. At 5 to 10 feet from the hole PGA Tour players make 57% of putts attempted This means that their percentage from exactly 5 feet is likely closer to 80%
  3. Yup, I remember how you got fit into that driver and it was definitely performing the best when you were off. Definitely made the right call
  4. But isn't stenson gaming a Diablo and not a "steelhead"?
  5. Sounds like an awesome experience. Some questions I would ask the fitter are: What are some of the biggest challenges they have when fitting someone? How often do their customers talk themselves out of what the data is showing and into something else? How does one go about fitting someone with an extremely inconsistent swing?
  6. It's the same shaft (and adapter)
  7. Stay tuned for some forum reviews of a cart bag and carry bag coming later this week or early next!
  8. Fall 16/Spring 17 Bags and Carts Catalog for Sun Mountain http://www.sunmountain.com/catalog/2017/bag-cart/html5/index.html?page=1&server=
  9. S300 SLs. I had the same issue with the standard s300s and got fit into the S300 SLs.
  10. Another vote for CPO - they really do a good job with giving accurate descriptions of their used equipment. 99% of the time it is in much better credit than they say
  11. Same here. In fact the knockdown is my favorite "specialty" shot to hit
  12. I remember meeting with Callaway and speaking with Harry about not just attaching names like 'Big Bertha' to every driver release like Callaway did in the early 2000s. However, it seems like callaway is slipping down that path again
  13. As I mentioned in the comments on the blog, I doubt these will perform much better than the xr's, but to the people with x2hot irons or older, I am sure they will get a nice little jump in performance by upgrading. I am sure Callaway will be doing something similar with the fairways and drivers in the XR line. I wonder what they end up doing to the Bertha line. Biggest Big Bertha revival? (though since it is maxed out at 460, I don't see this option) Big Bertha Titanium?Big Bertha 454? Big Bertha Fusion FT3?
  14. The one under a donators name when viewing the forum on the internet (not the app)
  15. I can vouch for PGG hitting the xr16 better than the xr. Your mileage may vary, but for him the xr16 was well worth it
  16. How soon after donating does one get the card next to their forum posts?
  17. It's quite amazing. Several guys I play with have their driver "dialed down" to 8.5 or 9 degrees to keep the flight lower. Then I watch them hit a line drive that costs them about 40 or 50 yards of carry and they wonder why they are hitting 220 yard drives when the fairways are soggy
  18. After many years of tinkering and trying to squeeze out every inch of performance I learned a very important lesson: Play what makes you happy and makes the game enjoyable for you
  19. Great stuff so far Rob. Interested to see how the accuracy compares to the Garmin
  20. You can find some great used putters in a number of places. Would you say you prefer a soft feel with you putter (something with an insert or a more firm feel of a putter with a milled face). Your best path forward would be totally go to your local golf store and try a bunch of putters and see which you like best in terms of, looks, feel and performance. Once you have an idea of what you like report back here and we can help you find a more economical version of what you like!
  21. "I hit the ball too high" It's amazing how many people I play with say that as I watch them hit borderline line drives
  22. Stone Go To IPA is their session ipa and is a great beer (and a good starter ipa for someone who hasn't really had one before)
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