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  1. There's also a ton of articles all over the internet about getting into craft beer (such as this one http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/04/29/a-beginners-guide-to-craft-beer/) There's an app called untapped that allows you to keep track of and rate the beers you've tried so you can know which beers to have again and which ones to avoid. Try to find some places by you that have good selections and offer flights (4 or 5 samples) so you can try and compare multiple new beers in one sitting without having to buy a full beer without knowing if you're going to like it
  2. Riverhorse makes some good stuff, I live about 15 minutes from them. Start by experimenting with lagers and ales and then work your way to session ales and ipas. Diving right into ipas might turn you off as the hoppyness is definitely an acquired taste. I used to only drink light beers and hated ipas but I got into some white ales and session ipas and now I actually really like ipas.
  3. Picture of the trio
  4. It is really incredible how many players that aren't even TM staffers bag the M2 fairway. Seems like any time someone pulls a fairway wood out on the tee it's the M2.
  5. I've become a fan of the plastic line stencil as well.
  6. I think you're making a great call! Enjoy it!
  7. Nice, just wanted something with more bounce for that spot in your bag?
  8. 78 today. Short game was on but two doubles due to bad tee shots didn't help things.
  9. Keeping the forward press. The philosophy behind the DST is that it's easier for the body to start and finish the hands in the same place rather than starting even with the ball and finishing with them forwards
  10. Another great outing for the vokeys. Really enjoyed using the 50 for lower chip shots. After the round I went to get the 50 bent to 49 for gapping purposes and it turns out that it was playing at 51 degrees! (that would explain why I came up a few yards short on my full shot on 15 with it 😉) Had it bent to 49 and all is right in the world!
  11. Thanks for putting this together. Here is a link to the outing thread! http://forum.mygolfspy.com/index.php?/topic/17046-PA/NJ/DE-Outing:-Bala-Golf-Club---Private-William-Flynn-design---Philadelphia,-PA
  12. PGG is the beez neez. A blast to play with and knows a ton about golf courses and designers!
  13. I made the exact same change (Ap14 to srixon 545 and I've never looked back). 745 is very similar to the Apex Pro. 545 is going to give you more forgiveness in just a slightly larger package
  14. Makes sense - basically gets to play with what he has been comfortable with. Will be interesting to see what model ends up going in the bag.
  15. Just thinking about the Sun Mountain 2Five I was selected to tested for the forum. Excited to see how much lighter it feels than my Three5. The Three5 weighs just about 4 lbs, so that would make the 2Five almost 1.5 lbs lighter!
  16. Was throwing absolute darks with the 54 today at the range. At about 85 yards there is circle net about 4 feet wide that you can hit into and I drilled 3 of 5 in and the other two barely missed. Really easy to flight them down and hit a yardage
  17. Nice shooting. I've still yet to shoot even par or better on 18. I've shot even and under on one nine, but can never string two of them together
  18. The better you are, the less bounce you need on your wedges
  19. Being that my PW is 44* and my old set GW was 50*, I think I am going to have my SM6 50.12 bent to 49.11.
  20. Not me. But my main issue has been has been flipping the hands so this helped with that. If someone has other major swing flaws this isn't going to cure those
  21. Anyone in Central Jersey want to play Sunday morning?
  22. 50 degree sm6 wedge added!
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