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  1. Really excited to have been chosen to test the 2Five and will do everything to give an extremely thorough and unbiased review for the community.
  2. Get Stockton's Unconscious Putting. The book changed (simplified) my entire approach to putting and made it less mechanical. Such a great book
  3. Unless your're Phil! I only really use my 60 degree around the greens and out of greenside bunkers. Rarely if ever take a full swing with my 60, especially from the fairway. I have to say the SS sole on the glide wedges is perhaps the most simple yet versatile wedge grind ive ever played with. Bounce is my friend
  4. Taylormade ATV wedge would be a great choice for your lob wedge. Very versatile and wont break the bank. If you like it, you could always get a 54 or 56 degree to replace your SW http://www.ebay.com/itm/TaylorMade-TP-ATV-Wedge-ARP-/311660679755?var=&hash=item48906c924b:m:mydU4bvXsjHXbhFY7oPNZlA
  5. For a gap wedge I would error a little closer to your PW than your SW with 50*. Even finding a set gap wedge to match your irons would be ideal. I see you have Adams Speedline irons, so perhaps getting the set GW would be a great idea and then go with a 60* lob wedge of your choosing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adams-Speedline-Plus-Gap-Wedge-Steel-Uniflex-GW-Golf-Club-NEW-/131882106001?hash=item1eb4c93c91:g:qBMAAOSwayZXjZ3c
  6. Well you should be able to get plenty of loft out of a 56 degree sandwedge - so maybe that club just isn't the right bounce for you. Based on your current gapping it definitely sounds like you would benefit from a 50 degree AW to fill the gap between you PW and SW. If you want to experiment with a LW, you can find a 60 degree wedge for cheap on ebay or callaway preowned and experiment. How many clubs are you currently carrying?
  7. Somerset definitely has the crown jewel county course, but I would argue Mercer County has the best overall county courses spearheaded by Mercer Oaks east and west.
  8. What is the reason you are considering moving to stiff? Is your ball flight too high? Is your dispersion all over the place?
  9. Interesting thoughts. Do other companies generally offer more than a 1 year water proof warranty? Seems pretty standard based on what I've seen. Also, you mentioned that they are too comfortable and don't offer any stability. There are a variety of different types of shoes out there - ones that are stability shoes, ones that are more free and those somewhere in between. I don't think these shoes should be dinged for a lack of stability when Puma does not advertise them as being a stability shoe. These are in the same category as previous Puma shoes such as the Faas and Faas light that were more of a minimalist shoe. There are other shoes in the Puma lineup that are advertised as and deliver on being a stability shoe. I think you're writeup is solid, especially the parts about the nubs wearing out, but I don't think you can ding a shoe for not being something it's not trying to be.
  10. Waiting to read some feedback first regarding your first couple of experiences hitting balls and getting them on the course. Initial background write-ups were excellent.
  11. My 2nd favorite driver that came out this year. If I wasn't gaming the M1, the LTD would be in the bag for me
  12. I always have my Bushnell Neo X GPS watch strapped to my bag for quick yardages, but when I need something more precise or the distance to a specific landmark then I shoot it with my laser
  13. All the talk about moving the weight from the hosel has me thinking about CoG location in wedges. We have been seeing more companies talk about raising the CoG (moving mass higher in the club face) to create more repeatable launch and to increase spin. I am curious as to where different wedges compare in terms of CoG placement. If there was only a website that could test this sort of thing...
  14. What a great job by Cleveland on the looks and the inclusion of the VT sole was a no brainer. Not in the market for wedges this year, but if I was these would be at the top of the list. And they will be at the top of the list next year.
  15. Loved the 545 driver, super forgiving, just spun a bit much for my swing.
  16. Check out the Suggestion/Tech Help section - there is a thread in there with instructions
  17. Oh Haha. Gotcha. Looking forward to watching Taylor Hall at The Rock this year!
  18. I wonder if the MTB has a firmer cover because the core compressions are darn near identical on the MTB and Prov1
  19. I very rarely drink when playing and when I do its about 1 beer per 9
  20. Not sure what you're disagreeing with since I absolutely love the MTB. Was simply saying the MTB a 3 piece so it's more similar to the Prov1 and regular zstar (which are 3 piece balls) as opposed to their 4 piece counterparts (the prov1x and ZStarXV)
  21. Yes, specifically Snell balls. Everything else was a combination of reviews and demoing
  22. I've had nothing but good experience with them
  23. They were great irons, but I'm simply not playing or practicing anywhere near as much as I used to so I wanted something more forgiving. Srixon 545s gave me the clean look that I wanted with the forgiveness that really makes the game more fun when I'm only golfing 2 or 3 times a month and not getting to the range at all.
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