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  1. Makes sense - you have about 7 degrees between you pw and gw. I struggled getting my top distance with the Glides so that could be in play too. Perhaps you go 50, 54 58 or 50, 54, 60
  2. This putter is definitely staying in the bag for the foreseeable future. I continue to enjoy the stability the putter has, especially on shorter putts. Getting better with my distance control as well.
  3. Thinking about a Vokey SM6 50 degree gap wedge. Enjoy the 545 set gap wedge that I have, especially for full shots, but I have been wanting to work on adding a chip that runs more. I should probably try my current set gap wedge a bunch first before knocking it out of the bag.
  4. Played today and these wedges continue to impress me. I hit some great shots out of the greenside rough with both my 54F and 60M (3 hit flag sticks, all tap ins), and hit some really great 60-90 yard shots with the 54F. Only had one bunker shot and it was a rather long bunker shot where I underestimated just how heavy and deep the sand was (had about a half inch of rain overnight). I was indecisive as to what club to use from that distance and ended up leaving the shot a good bit short. The wedges have really performed from the Rough and the fairway, but I need to spend some time with both clubs in the sand to help set up a strategy going forward as to when I use which club.
  5. They really are easy to hit. Only iron that I've hit that launches close to as easy as the JGR is the M2.
  6. First post updated with new wedges!
  7. So after playing from nasty bunkers with rocks in them (next time I'm just moving my ball) I notice some gashes on the back of the club from hitting rocks when hitting open faced shots,especially on the 60. Figured the best way to hide the marks was stamping. Unfortunately normal stamping wouldn't have covered the blemishes so I some stamping it make it almost look freehand. The pics don't show it as well but it looks pretty cool in person
  8. My mistake for feeding the troll. Just ignoring him from here on out
  9. Things C can stand for Cheap Chewing through inventory Crazy to think anyone would buy Chop shop
  10. New grooves. Center of gravity changes in both the gap wedges and lob wedges. Weight moved from hosel towards the toe (but still slightly towards the hosel side of center. The only wedges with a COG closer to the true center is the new Cleveland wedges coming out (a few millimeters)).
  11. Maybe a bit. My short game is pretty solid around the greens so I do scramble quite a bit. Haven't kept exact stats but I know for a fact my girs have definitely gone up - especially on Par 3s
  12. Both. The flip led to a 2 way miss with my irons. Pulls left and flares to the right. Less flip = more consistent shot shape and eliminating the high flare to the right increases my average distance
  13. This club has really helped me get some of my distance back with my irons. I developed a pretty nasty flip last year and started using the DST this spring to help reset my hand position both at address and at impact. Not entirely where I want to be yet, but I know I'm better than where I was at this point last year before I started using the DST
  14. Here's an article from golf digest a few years ago where they tested 7 irons and drivers hitting range balls vs prov1s. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/gd-tested-range-balls The article focuses on distance, but the distance variance is likely explained by a combination of ball speed, spin and launch angles
  15. Completely agree on tour edge. E8 beta was a missile launcher and a 15* head with the rogue Silver shaft might be exactly what the doctor ordered
  16. No I haven't tried the scor wedges. Heard good things. Perhaps we can discuss the scor wedges in a thread for scor wedges?
  17. Ball markers of courses I've played and courses I've attended or friends have attended tour events at
  18. x2 hot 3deep or 2 deep would be your best bet. Rogue Green was the stock shaft and was a really good shaft.
  19. Leading edge or the toe/face? If you are talking about the toe/face, then you'd be correct. Titleist moved some of the weight out of the hosel and moved it out towards the toe (by slightly rounding/extending the toe). They also slightly vary in size as you move from low loft (smaller) to high loft (slightly larger) Here is a great writeup on the SM6s and how they've changed since the SM5s http://www.golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/titleist-vokey-sm6-wedge-review-3465.aspx
  20. Well after today's first round with the SM6s I am in love. I knew I would love the 60* M grind and it did not disappoint. Only had to use it twice and both times it left me with tap-ins for par. What really surprised me was the 54 F grind with 14 degrees of bounce. I thought it might be too much bounce, especially from full shots from tight fairway lies, but man it was incredible. I hit a number of shots from 50 to 100 yards with it today and they were just so crisp I was shocked. Spin was perfect and my distance control was on point.
  21. I believe a good forum review shouldn't be about how well a club fits the reviewer. I can review a driver that spins too much to be my gamer, but still provide a review that meets the needs of the community by explaining who the driver would be a better fit for and what the driver's strengths and weaknesses are. Just because a driver like the Bio Cell or X2 Hot didn't jive with me doesn't mean they were bad clubs. It's so easy for a reviewer to focus on how well the club fits him rather than focusing on the club itself
  22. 77 +6 today with 2 doubles and one birdie. Just couldn't get a putt to drop.
  23. This was released last summer. And I enjoyed their wedges quite a bit
  24. Thanks man. I'm really excited to put them in play. I like the weighting better than the Glides I've been gaming for the past year and I'm really interested to see what the turf interaction is like from different lies. What grinds are you using?
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