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  1. PSA TO ANYONE BUYING CLUBS WITH COBRA CONNECT GRIPS When we originally placed our orders, I had my clubs ordered at playing length + .5 inches to account for the sensor. However, cobra told us to just order at playing length and they would figure everything out. Well, turns out the playing length with the cobra connect grip includes the part of the grip that houses the sensor. Being that I just regripped all my clubs with regular grips, guess what I just discovered? All of my clubs are now .5" under my standard playing length. Ugh. So be advised - if you ever order something from Cobra with the connect grips, either plan on always regripping with their special grips, or order .5" over your standard playing length if getting the smart grips.
  2. Yes. I will just put the Arccos sensors we were sent to baseline our normal set onto the cobra grips It really is mind boggling that an OEM would want to represent their product this way
  3. They’re legit. I’ve purchased from Ksouth before. All his stuff is
  4. I am 100% committed to this challenge and review. Just dropped over $130 to have all my cobra clubs regripped They all came with Crossline Plus grips (wasn’t on my list of 4 grips choices). Love the crossline, but the Plus version has the bottom hand built up so it doesn’t taper ( similar to the GP Plus4). This is great for some, but for me and my small hands (size small glove) it felt really unnatural gripping the club. After today’s disaster of a round I took my clubs to my local golf Galaxy where they had plenty of standard Tour Velvets in stock. After 20 minutes I got my clubs back and instantly had a sense of familiarity and comfort at address. I’ll get to the range tomorrow and see if it helps give me some better results, especially with irons.
  5. I’ll definitely be able to provide a solid review on the irons. Do I feel confident in using them during the challenge portion of the review? Unfortunately I can’t say I do
  6. Put the Cobras back in the bag today after a great round with my gamers on Friday and the struggle was real on my way to the worst round I’ve played in years. It rained quite a bit last night and I really struggled from the bunkers because the sand was either wet cement or the ball plugged in the bunker. That being said I was only in 4 green side bunkers because my iron play was again inconsistent at best I hit the irons well a few times and they felt great. The good news is I seem tone at least making more consistent center face contact now. Unfortunately I’m still struggling with timing these shafts and I’m still spraying the ball. I’m going to have the lie angles checked because there does seem to be a predominant miss to the left. I am pretty sure it’s the shaft causing some poor sequencing and swings, but want to rule out everything else. 3 wood was the star of the show today with several fantastic tee shots and 2 great shots off the fairway. Really enjoying it and it’s firmly removed itself as the club I’m most nervous about testing.
  7. I would start by watching this video from TXG about how to get the most out of your club fitting. As far as what club should you get fit for first, it really depends on what model and how good of a fit each club in your bag is
  8. Damn. Would have thought their website would work like any online retailer and show what was currently in and out of stock
  9. Yeah. Used my entire fitted set. Mizzys were just so on point. Felt good making confident iron swings again. There were quite a few groups going out before and after us. Not bad considering it was 90 and humid as hell today.
  10. I hadn’t heard of it until Wednesday. Turns out it’s known as the “Most exclusive course” and “hardest course to get on” in Pennsylvania according to golf publications like golf magazine https://golf.com/travel/americas-toughest-tee-times-the-hardest-get-in-all-50-states/
  11. Yes sir. Just made it over the creek because of clipping the tree. Was 270ish to carry it. Would have easily cleared it i hit it straight or didn’t clip the top of the 60 ft tall tree just off the fairway
  12. #1 handicap hole on the course. Pushed the drive a little down the right and clipped the top of a tree left me with 160 from the rough. Caddie said I needed to go right at the pin as anything left of the pin would funnel down to the left side of the green. I listened
  13. Got to play an absolute gem today - Gulph Mills near King of Prussia, PA I shot a +5 76 that included 3 birdies and a double Because this was such an incredible course to get an invite to play I decided I’d take all of my regular gamers and I am really glad I did. I drove the ball so damn well today, hit my irons fantastic and putted out of my mind on some of the hardest greens I’ve ever played on. The round showed me the importance of fit golf clubs for me and gave me some great perspective on the clubs I am reviewing as part of the Cobra Connect Challenge. It reassured me that my swing wasn’t causing the issues I’ve been having with the new equipment so that was very reassuring. My caddie commented to me that he’s never seen someone play this course for the first time and putt so well. My love of my custom ER1v continues to grow. My Ping G410Lst driver reminded me why I love it so much. I was on near autopilot off the tee and the miss is a gentle fade. With the Radspeed the miss is more of a hook. My using my Mizuno irons for the first time in over a month were like putting on an old pair of comfy shoes. The Oban shafts just fit my swing so well and it felt good to get back to hitting consistent iron shots. I still really need to work on my Wedges and short approach shots. I continue to throw away birdie opportunities by wasting fantastic drives and then missing the green from 100 yards or less. Overall really happy with how I played on a tough course
  14. If you aren't playing in any USGA governed tournaments and your playing partners don't care about you using non-conforming equipment then it is absolutely not a big deal.
  15. Be extremely careful building a custom set over standard length - swing weights can get out of weight quickly!
  16. Great stuff man! Really impressive numbers with the driver!
  17. This rangefinder really interests me, but I am starting to sway on the fixed battery. I always carry at least one spare rangefinder battery in my bag just in case my current batter dies (even thought that really only happens once or twice a season, max. However, with the R1 there is no backup option. Either it is charged or it isn't. And with only a couple of rounds per charge it seems like i'd be more likely to have it die during the round and left with no rangefinder.
  18. I’m thinking about my beloved Ping G410 LST. Currently waiting from the guy at my shop who has a call in to ping to see what they can do. Was wiping down the face in between shots today and noticed something strange. Brought the club into the shop and he confirmed what I saw and felt: the face is about to fail. You can both see and feel it. Ugh
  19. You should see the custom grinds I put on them at the end of last season. I’ll take some pics and post them in the appropriate thread. Gave they now have something similar to the Tiger grind (pre worn leading edge, etc)
  20. I believe this was fixed a week or two ago. I am seeing other on going tests in my feed now without having to do anything different to my filters
  21. So quick question for everyone: If you were in my shoes with the new set of Cobra clubs and got invited to play an exclusive private club, would you take the Cobra set, or your previous gamers that you have a higher level of comfort with?
  22. Yup. It’s pretty awful now. Especially when trying to write a post. Even when you close the ad box another one eventually pops up and covers what you’re typing. Really bush league stuff
  23. Right? The fairways were a bit firm today, but 270+ off the tee with a four iron is something I’ve never sniffed before
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