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  1. Only because I want to see the train wreck

    I have absolutely ZERO interest in it as a golf tournament.

    No Laying Up did a great job talking about LIV on the their latest podcast.  Take out the Saudi stuff and sportswashing.  Just look at the product itself.  Who the hell wants to watch those guys play in whatever the hell spectacle they are trying to put on?  Reading the comments from the press conference today, it is blatantly obvious that this is all a glorified exhibition. 

    For those who haven't been following along, here is a good recap of what has unfolded today.  It's almost too bad/hilarious to be true.


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  2. 8 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... Love Ian's video's! Not quote sure about this one though. The soft tipped shaft was clearly being struck low on the face which usually reduces spin and trajectory. If Shawn had more time or they dialed in the contact point there is a good chance spin and trajectory would both be higher. The stiffer tipped shaft most likely did not kick as much through impact and produced center strikes but they never showed the contact point with the stiffer shaft? All that said the end result was the stiffer tipped shaft launched higher with more spin and there is no way to know if Shawn could make better contact with the softer tip. So to you guys and the video's point, I agree you can't choose just by a marketing label. 

    ... I would also add how you swing can make a big difference as well. Having just gone through 3 different fittings and the last one a full hour just to dial in a driver shaft the differences were pretty apparent. I have a smooth swing around 95 mph that can get higher but usually right around that number. Taking a normal swing what is marketed as a mid bend mid spin mid trajectory shaft worked best every time. When swinging a stiffer tip I naturally adjusted to swinging harder (not faster) to get the feel I like because the shaft did not feel like it was releasing through impact and for me produced a slightly lower trajectory. Not night and day just a little bit lower. Swing a softer tip shaft I immediately changed my delivery just slightly by de-lofting the head holding off my release just a little because the shaft felt a little too active and after the first drive that was a little higher, the subsequent drives were actually lower. A stronger hitter with the same swing speed would most likely find a completely different result. Michael Newtons excellent video below is very informative. 

    ... My swing adjustments were subconscious and while I could tell they weren't my best swings I was trying to swing as normal as possible. My fitter was as good as it gets and he would tell me exactly what I did after 2/3 swings and take the shaft away and install one he knew I would swing well, then alternate with one he just wanted to see how I would handle it. Then after taking notes of all the ones that produced the best numbers and my best swings, he had me hit them all again to narrow it to the best. Everyone of those had a similar profile. As a side not one of the best was the stock RCH 55 that was very close in performance to the new Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 55 and Graphite Design AD-IZ6 although both had a slightly better feel, but I could play the RCH 55 and be very happy. 

    ... I am a lifelong shaft ho and I still learned some new things at this last fitting. It is probably at least my 20th and I just can't recommend getting fit highly enough. Many area's have free Demo Days and while not as detailed as a private fitting, they are still pretty accurate and will certainly get you in the right ball park. 



    Lower strike = more spin

    Higher strike = less spin

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  3. One of the best fitting write-ups I have seen on here.  Absolutely fantastic.

    LOVED this part


    I arrived and Roger started the appointment by asking about my game and my goals during the fitting. I said that I’m a relatively high handicapper that has been grinding out time at the range in the hopes of improving my experience when on the course. The metaphor I used was that if I’m training for a marathon, I know I’m going to have to train for a while, but I should probably make sure I’m at least wearing the right size shoes to begin with. I mentioned everything in my bag (minus my putter) is second hand and I don’t know if it’s the best thing for me to be trying to improve with. I really struggle with my irons in particular. I also mentioned that I didn’t want to do anything exotic because I was so relatively inexperienced. Lastly, I asked for advice on my bag composition – where would I benefit from hybrids and fairway woods over longer irons? Roger agreed that this was a good approach and said he would create two builds: one like any other fitting with all options on the table and another that matched the “best” spec for me with OEM, no-upcharge options.

    The pre-fitting conversation where expectations and budget are discussed is the single most important part of any fitting.  Period.

    The far majority of bad fitting experiences I read about on here are because the customer never discussed budget and then were shocked when they found out the shafts they loved doubled the price of the club 

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  4. I must have hit over 500 putts today while watching the PGA. 

    figure out that the ball was creeping up to far in my stance and leading to inconsistent strike. Much purer roll now that I moved it back closer to center

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Paul Hedrick said:

    Can you elaborate a bit on Arccos leaving current hardware users behind?  I am not sure what you are referring to.

    They are coming out with new sensors and a new link. There is no upgrade path for current owners/subscribers. The new Link can receive major software updates. The old link cannot. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Play18 said:

    I hear and feel your frustration, but tech companies will always create new and latest product.  When Whoop updated their product last year, they offered members to upcycle the older tech to friends.  Friends would get a free trial and upgraded members got a month extended.  That's a better solution, which increases new people to test before enrolling into a subscription.


    BTW, I hate buying new TVs and cars for the same reason.  There's always a new version around the corner.

    It’s really the not offering trade ins combined with the subscription service that bugs me. 

    And after using Arccos for two years I’m not quite sure what I am paying for. Especially when there is a competitor like Shot Scope that offers better hardware solutions and virtually the same information without a subscription 

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  7. On 5/12/2022 at 7:12 PM, jlukes said:

    If I don’t want shot tracking anymore I’ll just go with a Bushnell Phantom 2. Simple GPS with front middle and back works for me

    Arccos system gone.  I don't like their business model of making their own equipment obsolete without any sort of trade-in/up program ON TOP OF A FRIGGEN SUBSCRIPTION TO USE THEIR SERVICES.  

    The original Link can't get feature updates but the new version can?  Those bulky sensors you bought? Well now we have smaller and better ones, but you'll have to buy them too.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    I will likely be doing the same. I do not have the link, but I find sifting through this data to be overwhelming and how do I use it?  I’ll write down my distances and get on with it.

    I like how it clearly defined weaknesses in my game. I was pretty aware of them but it was cool seeing them confirmed with data

    That being said I found the actual caddie club recommendation garbage. Didn’t account for tree lines. Seemed to favor accuracy over distance off the tee when recommending clubs. 

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  9. Unloaded my Arccos sensors and link. Loved the data, but now that I’ve been using it for two years I don’t really have use for it. I’m not playing competitively and I’m not getting lessons so why do I need more data? Will be nice not have to edit shots during or after a round. I can just play golf now. 

    I ended up getting a lightly used Bushnell Phantom 2 to meet my GPS needs. Front middle back numbers. That’s all I wanted.  

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  10. 43 minutes ago, azstu324 said:

    Oh they're chrome plated for sure. Aside from the risk of rust by grinding off the chrome, are there any other concerns that I should have?

    This is more of an experiment to see if I can create something better than what I'm currently using. If I eff it up, I'll just add it to the pile 😜

    I believe removing the chrome releases toxins so you need to be very cognizant of the process and protective measures you take.

  11. Just watched your video - your start the backswing with your upper body/arms/shoulders rather than your lower body and hips.  That leads to a strong "over the top" motion (out to in swing path) and thus you needs to leave the clubface open in order to not pull the ball dead left. Better sequencing to tone down the severity of the out to in and then other drills to work on face control would be where you should see improvement - but there are a lot of variables that can be the WHY behind why your are coming over the top

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  12. Spin is caused by face to path vs face angle relationship.  "slice" spin is because your face is open to the direction to the path the clubhead is traveling.

    There are literally hundreds of variables that could be causing this and you should see a teach professional to help to diagnose the root cause

  13. 5 hours ago, Shankster said:

    I’ll have to check it out.  I’ve been contemplating on dropping the tech all together. An index card with distances on it used to work pretty well.

    If I don’t want shot tracking anymore I’ll just go with a Bushnell Phantom 2. Simple GPS with front middle and back works for me

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  14. Considering ditching Arccos and moving to ShotScope with the H4

    I am really turned off with Arccos’s implementation of new hardware and how they leave current hardware users behind while still having the audacity to charge a subscription fee

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  15. Considering ditching Arccos and moving to ShotScope with the H4

    I am really turned off with Arccos’s implementation of new hardware and how they leave current hardware users behind while still having the audacity to charge a subscription fee

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