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  1. Have some time to kill on a conference so here we go - this list excludes Cobra Connect 5 Equipment Driver Wilson, Orlimar Tri-Metal, Taylormade 320, TaylorMade R5, Taylormade R11, TaylorMade RBZ, Cobra Amp Cell, Callaway Big Bertha Alpha, Srixon Z545, TaylorMade M1, TaylorMade M2, Cobra F8+, Titleist TS2, Ping G410, Ping G410LST Fairway Wood Wilson, Orlimar Tri-Metal, TaylorMade RBZ, Cobra Amp Cell, Callaway X2 Hot 5Deep, Srixon z545, TEE Beta, TaylorMade M2, Cobra F8, Titliest TS2, Ping G410LST Hybrid TaylorMade Rescue TP, Cobra Amp Cell, Callaway X2 Hot Pro, Srixon z545, Callaway X2 Hot Pro, TaylorMade M1, TaylorMade M2, Titleist 818 H2 Irons Wilson K28, Trident (big bertha clones), Taylormade 320, TaylorMade R7 TP, TaylorMade Rocketbladez, Callaway Apex Pro, Srixon z545, Srixon z745, Mizuno JPX 900 Tour, Srixon z765, Mizuno JPX 919 Tour Wedges Wilson, Cleveland, TaylorMade RAC TP, Cleveland 588, Hopkins, Callaway MD2, Callaway MD2 Tour, Hopkins, Ping Glide, Vokey SM6, Vokey SM7 Putters Wilson, Odyssey White Hot #5, TaylorMade Rossa Daytona, Scotty Cameron Select Newport, Odyssey TD Black 9, Odyssey MXM 9, TaylorMade Spider Tour, Evnroll ER2, TaylorMade Spider X, Mizuno M Craft II, Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5, Evnroll ER1v Ball Top Flight XL 2000, Titliest Professional, Prov1, Strata Tour Ultimate, Strata Tour Ultimate 2, Taylormade TP Red, Srixon ZStar XV, Callaway SR3, Srixon ZStar XV, TaylorMade TP5X, Bridgestone B330, Srixon Zstar XV, Bridgestone Tour B X, Titleist ProV1
  2. Lets remember why the T100-S line was created in the first place. PGA Tour players were wanting their T100 irons bent strong, but didn't like the offset or decrease in bounce that came from bending an iron strong Tony's writeup on the original T100-S irons was spot on https://mygolfspy.com/titleist-t100s-iron-review/
  3. Lofts are simply a tool used to generate launch window, spin, angle of descent. Due to my delivery (I don't lean the shaft forward), I need stronger lofts to prevent me from hitting balloon balls. Bingo.
  4. There is no best and the great thing is there is something that works best for everyone Fitting has showed me that alignment aids actually hinder my putting and thus I don’t use alignment aids on my putter or ball.
  5. Yup. Been discussed here a lot It’s basically a marketing tool
  6. To say I’m absolutely in love with my #CustomER ER1v would be a huge understatement. Two rounds in the books and it has taken my putting to a level I’ve never seen before
  7. So Arccos customer support got back to me. Apparently now removing rounds from statistics only removes them from your strokes gained and other stats and not from your club distances. That’s dumb
  8. Any central Jersey guys here? Looking to find some people to play with! Im near Princeton
  9. So since the last app update all of my “excluded rounds” are now showing up on my club data. Anyone else having similar issues?
  10. First round with the full bag of Cobras today and it was more down than up. Wedges are phenomenal. Absolutely in love with them. Driver was inconsistent (still seeing some really low spinners high on the face). Irons were inconsistent. I’m really trying to make these shafts work and seem to be able to manufacture a usable swing on the range but it all falls apart on the course when I’m just trying to play golf. When I center the irons they are LONG. Like a club longer than my Mizunos. However I just cannot time them consistently. The Arccos data speaks for itself.
  11. Initial soak was 12 hours (overnight). Then rubbed down each wedge with scotchbrite pad. Soaked for an hour. Rubbed down with scotchbrite, Soaked for 30 minutes. Rubbed with scotchbrite. Rinsed with water. Wiped down with paper towel.
  12. Got to the range again this morning. First thing I did was open the face of the driver (lofted down 1 degree) and it sat better at address to my eye. This allowed me to swing a little more freely and I got a much straighter ball flight. The adjustments I made to my swing continued to help with the irons and it is nice to hit the sweet spot on the MIMs. When hit solid, they feel really good. On mishits, the sounds is more harsh than my Mizunos. Really really enjoyed taking my first swings with my wedges. The 60 degree widelow was very easy to open up and hit some flop shots off the range mat. I am curious to how it will perform out of soft sand and deep rough. I am playing either tomorrow or Saturady, so I am looking forward to getting the first round in with the full set of Cobras!
  13. Putting is the strength of my game and I rarely putt defensively.
  14. Got in some chipping practice this afternoon when the boy let me have a turn. Really enjoyed the widelow grind off my tight, worn down range mat.
  15. It’s definitely not the club causing those. There are no hot spots on irons, especially ones at the level of the t100. Something like the Burner 2.0 irons from 10 years ago? Maybe. But not players cavity irons Before launch monitors there were many who thought that fliers were from hot spots on irons. However launch monitors have proven that it is drops in spin and increase in launch differences that cause fliers, not random jumps in ball speed And yes, blade irons manage fliers better because when they are hit higher on the face they lose a ton of ball speed. So the reduced ball speed and the higher launch/lower spin often balances out better. GI irons have better ball speed retention on shots away from the sweet spot so the flier is more accentuated Your T100s are not GI irons. They are one of the most popular Titleist irons on the PGA Tour. Educated Guess? Your longer shots are not equipment related at all
  16. Best advice was from @RickyBobby_PR - get on a launch monitor (preferably one that shows you strike location. This will allow you to find the root cause - it may be environmental (debris, moisture, etc), or it could simply be because of how you are delivering the club head into the turf/ball.
  17. Thinner sole doesn't necessarily mean less bounce (see Ping Blueprint).
  18. Could be a sole/bounce issue. Ping Blueprints, though blades, had a lot of bounce. More bounce is generally going to lead to a lower strike on the face. T100 has a pre-worn leading edge and a little less bounce, so you could simply be getting "deeper" into the turf on certain swings with the Titleists, leading to strike higher on the face that is going to come off with less spin. Couple that with the fact that you are playing a very low-spinning ball in the AVX and it seems like you might have something to look at there.
  19. Absolutely - that is how TXG suggests any competent fitter handle things. Consistent loft gaps are pointless. All that matters is carry distance gaps. Same goes for lie angle. Most good fitters recommend going flatter in the wedges because there isn't as much downward deflection (toe down) on wedge shots. If you aren't getting fit into new clubs then it still absolutely makes sense to do a gap analysis with your current set and have them bent accordingly TXG did a live gapping analysis of Matt's new irons two years ago. Would be a great watch for you
  20. I tried to find information on that online, but there is nothing on officials sites or in other forums. With Vokeys they rust, so I would assume the Cobras will do the same. They do not look like they are plated underneath the PVD
  21. The PVD finish isn't a plating, so I am not removing anything that would impact the wedges conforming (or performance in general). As you mentioned, the PVD finish on wedges wears off naturally - I am just expediting the process. Now, removing chrome plating is a different animal all together - that would involve dangerous chemicals and would change the grooves (not sure about if they'd still be legal)
  22. Can confirm that mine are no longer black One more round of soaking and scotchbriting and I will post some pics.
  23. Great stuff. Interested to hear how the review progresses, especially in regards to how the irons come into greens (are they holding greens or are they coming in flatter with less spin so you have to play for more run out
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