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  1. Looks great - love the name plate.

    Sole engraving is fantastic, but I much prefer when it is flipped and is right-side-up when the the back of the putter is on the ground.

    Just amazing talent to create such a refined look.

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  2. Had a favorable wind direction on this par 5 yesterday so I tees it high and hit a beautiful fade over the corner leaving me a PW (downwind) in. Played left of the tucked pin and had 30 feet left for eagle. Rolled a beautiful putt and it just rolled across the front of the cup and had a tap in for birdie 


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  3. Swing weight and total weight are all about finding the right combination for each golfer. There are really no absolutes regarding how different players will react to changes in specs

    yes, If you take two driver heads of different weights swung at the exact same speed, the heavier head will generate more ball speed. Its basic physics. 

    however, there is nothing basic about club fitting and a good fitter will try polar opposite setups to see how it affects a golfers kinematic sequence, overall delivery (dynamic loft, face angle , AoA , speed) and the ability to deliver the club head in the most optimal way as consistent as possible 

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  4. Anyone have a chance to roll these yet?

    I had the opportunity yesterday and I came away confused.

    The positives:

    The sound/feel is extremely premium - what you'd expect from Mizuno

    The mixed bag:

    The alignment aide - man it is thick.  It really distracts me and while I am sure some will like it, I think it takes away from the overall aesthetic of the putter

    The negative:

    The grip.  The only thing that the golfer touches on the putter and I feel that this is a huge miss on Mizuno's part.  It felt extremely cheap.  The seem on the underside of the grip was very pronounced and uncomfortable and the rest of the grip has an awkward texture.  Will some like it? Sure.  But I can see a large majority of people picking up this putter in their local golf shop, rolling a few putts, and putting it back because of the grip.

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  5. Absolutely fantastic putters. Feel/sound is great and the craftsmanship is what you’d expect from Mizuno

    If you like lighter putters, go with the M Craft Line

    If you like slightly heavier putters, go with the OMOI line

    Both are adjustable +/- 10g with the included adjustable weight kit, but the starting weights are different between the two lines

  6. 6 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    One thing that is often missed with the MGS 2022 theme is there is a switcher from dark to light. I'm a big dark user for almost everything, but recognize it isn't for all. Right by the notification there is a little paint can and it swaps to a lighter version. 

    No idea if you already saw that or not, but worth mentioning. 

    Yeah it’s not so much the colors with the 2022 theme that turn me off.  It’s the fonts, accents, sidebars and other things that just over complicate and clutter the screen

    Thats my person preference/taste and nothing is wrong with options

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  7. Spin loft. Generally a cut is done with more spin loft so it produces a more stable/controllable flight 

    Generally an over-fade or slide will increase in spin from a standard fade, so while offline it is still controllable 

    An over draw or hook will have a decrease in spin relative to a stock draw, so a hook is extremely menacing 

    More details in this article 

    https://www.golfwrx.com/565574/why-do-tour-players-prefer-fades-over-draws-from-the-tee-box/#:~:text=Spin loft is exemplified as,players opt for their fade.

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  8. 1 hour ago, wely324 said:

    Does anyone know if golf galaxy or PGASS has these in stock to look at in person? It seems they have availability through their websites but no information if they are in store.

    Should be on the shelf tomorrow (3/31) as that is the street date

  9. I’ll get things started. Had 4 birdies today but #17 was probably the most textbook. 

    The hole was playing a little down wind so I pulled my hybrid out (normally I’d hit 3 wood) and piped a beautiful baby draw down the middle. 2nd shot is over weather and I had a little over 150 yards left. I pulled 9 iron to allow for the wind to give me a little more carry and I hit a beautiful shot that landed and stopped 12ft from the pin. Slight downhill right to left putt was good from the moment it left the putter face



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  10. 13 minutes ago, mellencamp1214 said:

    so absolutely zero innovation and a slight cosmetic change. scotty giving us the same old s*** in a different toilet but with impeccable marketing and "tour proven" resume. he's just laughing straight to the bank

    I must be missing the part where people are being forced to buy these

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