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  1. I’m looking forward to it. I mentioned earlier in the thread that I think the wedges are going to be my favorite part of this review.
  2. Nope never. But damn I’m liking how they set up at address. Going to put them in white vinegar tonight to see if I can strip the black finish like I always do with my vokeys
  3. Surprise delivery after my bike ride this evening the gangs all here No idea why it’s posting the wedge picture upside down
  4. Would have loved if they tested more than one range ball. There are lots of ranges (including mine) that use limited distance range balls. Would love to see how they performed. The range ball thing is even more important as consumer grade launch monitors become more popular. What is the use of having your own launch monitor to bring to the range if you are hitting balls that don't perform like real golf balls?
  5. 45 - 50 - 54 - 60 My gapping from my 45 to my 54 is determined by my yardage gaps. I use 54 the most as I don't really take full swings with my 60. As for your question - I am having a hard time understanding where your gap is. Is it between your 48 and 52? How far do you carry each wedge on full shots?
  6. Really encouraging range session today. Again I brought my fitted irons to the range so I could make sure that any swing tweaks I made with the Cobra irons could carry over to the Mizunos. I struck the Cobra MIM Tour irons great today. Found the sweet spot more often than not and got a much more repeatable ball flight than previous range sessions. To be honest, I was very close to emailing the mods and asking to identify someone else who I could send the equipment to and take my spot in the challenge; I was that discouraged by the ill-fitting irons. Thankfully, I have been able to incorporate a few new swing thoughts to get the iron strike to a serviceable standard. The timing isn't perfect with the AMT shafts and they never will be, but it is to the point where I can give feedback on the iron heads throughout the review. The MIM Tour heads feel great on well struck shots. As good as a forged Mizuno? Well, not to me - but they feel really really good. Even though they are a slightly bigger head than my JPX 919 Tours, they provide admirable feedback and I know exactly where I've struck every shot without even looking for the mark on the face. The Radspeed 7 Wood is a high flying bomber. My god. I need to get this on a launch monitor to see what my launch numbers are because it appears to be launching very high and peaking higher than I am used to seeing. Also interested to see how it plays out on a course under windy conditions. I am able to control trajectory with my 818 H2 hybrid and I am not quite sure I can do that with the 7 Wood. The Radspeed 3 Wood is pretty fantastic on well struck shots, however I am visually noticing quite a low launch and a good amount of distance loss on shots struck low on the face. My G410LST seems to protect me more on these types of shots, but like I said with the 7 wood, I will need more course and launch monitor data to confirm what I am seeing at the range. The Radspeed Driver is a bit hit or miss for me right now. When struck well, it is as long as anything. It appears to launch a little lower and spin a little less than my G410 LST. What is causing some angst is strikes high on the face. At the range, when hit high on the face, the ball loses a ton of spin - much more than what I visually see with my G410LST on similar strikes. I also feel like I am seeing much more right to left movement on toe strikes (over gearing) with the Radspeed. Because of this, I found myself really trying to hit a fade as my stock shot with the Radspeed in order to make sure I keep the spin up and minimize the right to left miss (hook). The King Utility 4 iron - This club excites me. The ball shoots off the face. I have both this and the 7 wood playing at 21* and I feel like I might be hitting the 4 iron further (both in carry and in total due to a stronger flight. Will definitely need to get this on a launch monitor to determine carry distance and then potentially raise the loft back up to get a better gapping between the 7 wood and the 5 iron. Still waiting on the wedges to come in. It's ironic that I have not received them yet given that these were the clubs I was most looking forward to trying! All in all a good range session. Hoping that the rest of the crew and I get our missing equipment soon so we can begin the on-course challenges!
  7. I got my grandfathers old putter when he passed and originally thought of restoring it. After some thought, I decided to not touch it and leave it the way he left it
  8. Yup. Not a marketing trick at all and a fairly common practice as stated above
  9. Made popular by none other than Tiger Woods. Most commonly referred to as “Tiger Stepping” a wedge shaft
  10. Figures! I’m just left for the shore for the weekend so of course boxes would start showing back up!
  11. I wonder if it's so that Foresight can maintain their "premium" price tag in the professional space while licensing their name and technology to Bushnell for use in the consumer space. Plus Bushnell already has the brand recognition in the consumer space. I would argue that Foresight doesn't have much brand recognition within the consumer space, especially relative to "Trackman". Bushnell would also have a distribution network that is capable of supporting the retail space as well as the direct to consumer space.
  12. Yup. My original plan was to go with the 10.5 head and then loft it down so I could open the face, but the lie angle increase prevented me from doing so.
  13. Especially when compared to PiNG, which I believe has one of the the flattest standard lie angle for drivers in the industry
  14. I say the above as someone who used to spin it at 3600 and now spin it around 2200. I tried every driver head and shaft combination possible to magically lower my spin and raise my launch. Wasn’t until I got lessons and made a swing change that I got where I needed..
  15. I mean this in the most sincere way possible: no driver is going to bring 3500 spin down to a playable number (mid 2000s). Your brother switching to a TS3 might bring down spin 200rpms and launch down a half a degree, but that’s about it. M5 is already a low spinning head for you. The best hope is a few lessons for both of you. Make sure the angle of attack is positive and the strike location is higher on the face. That’s the key to dropping as much spin as you both need to drop
  16. No - not communication since late June. We were already informed we would all be getting the same grips since the grips were a stock issue so nobody got their first choice (or 2nd or 3rd or 4th in some cases) in grips.
  17. I remember the first time I had an experience where the shaft made a big difference. It was at a demo day in 2018 where I was looking for a new hybrid. I was at the Titleist booth and was hitting the 818 H2 Hybrid. I was hitting it with the evenflow shaft and every strike was off the bottom. When I switched to the Atmos Blue TS shaft, everything was out of the middle. Switched back to the Evenflow and everything again was out of the bottom; switched back to the Atmos and again everything was flushed. It really showed me that fitting was paramount and that experimentation was really a coin flip unless you really know what you like and why you may gravitate towards certain shafts.
  18. Absolutely. I have learned over the years, through experimentation, through online learning (TXG) and through my fitting at True Spec, that I perform best with shafts that are softer in the butt section (handle). For some players, including me, a softer butt section translates to better feel. It really lets me know when the shaft is loading and helps me time my transition. It is why my first two shaft choices were Modus 105x and Modus 120x. Those models have a relatively softer handle and give me a great feel throughout the swing - and they are most similar to the Oban CT 115 shafts I was fit into at True Spec (the Modus shafts were the runners up in this fitting). With the DG X100s, they are stiffer in the handle and thus I lose a ton of that feel that I love. I am really struggling to feel the head during the swing and thus my transition is wildly inconsistent which leads to my delivery numbers (face, path, and angle of attack) to be inconsistent as well. Now the X100s are one of the most popular irons shafts on tour, so it's obviously not a bad shaft. What it does show is that some players are more effected by different profiles of shafts and I happen to be one of them.
  19. For those wondering who is waiting for what still: txgolfjunkie - Bag jlukes - Wedges/Bag Mtbryant01 - Woods/Bag LeftyMatt89 - Irons/Wedges/Bag Brian A - Woods/Irons/Bag gavanski91 - Woods/Irons/Wedges/Bag Orders were submitted to Cobra on May 19th
  20. One thing I always strive for with my reviews is complete transparency. I know the mods are doing everything they can possibly due to keep everything moving with the OEMs but unfortunately it’s seems as if there are some speed bumps this year.
  21. Full transparency? Nothing. The main contact that set this all up is out on maternity leave and the guys backing her up haven’t been responding to the mods inquiries. We haven’t gotten any updates on the remaining clubs we’ve yet to receive, nor the bags. I get these are unprecedented times, but I’m really surprised how little Cobra seems to care about the challenge this year. The stock issues are one thing. I get that. The lack of communication is something I don’t get. And my own 2 cents, if I am an OEM putting together some sort of testing Opportunity for a website or influencer, I’d want to make sure the people reviewing my stuff received equipment that fit them (from the no up charge options available to consumers). I’d rather postpone testing altogether rather then send people ill-fitting equipment
  22. 100% shaft. I requested 3 other shafts before being told I’d have to go with this one due to stock issues.
  23. All over the face contact. Pulls 25 yards left followed by high fades. The only way I can seem to make solid contact is by getting really steep into impact, but even then I am not delivering a consistent face to path. I honestly have no feel for where the clubhead is in my backswing so my transition is completely out of whack with them.
  24. Just got back from the range. Good news is I was absolutely flushing my 5 7 and 9 irons. Bad news is that was my mizunos I brought to the range along with my cobra irons. The cobras are still a major struggle due to the shaft. Hit them side by side today and had no idea where the ball was going with the cobras Both my fitter and my old instructor watched me hit a bunch and my fitter said “if you were thinking about buying either club I’d hide the cobras from you so you couldn’t hit them again” Instructor said be careful a don’t develop bad habits trying to get the shaft to work for me Driver, 3w, 7w and utility iron were all good. The 7w and utility iron continue to impress me for how easy they are to launch
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