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  1. The falcons literally can’t trade Matt Ryan. They are already in salary cap hell and trading him would put them further over the cap.
  2. I want to hear more about this proprietary Ping graphite putter shaft that comes in the Anser. Cannot wait to roll it I placed my Anser order this afternoon.
  3. Been bugging a PING for years about their winner WITBs always containing milled PING putters but never having them available at retail. Well today they finally gave in to me a announced the PING PLD retail line Preorder placed for an Anser. 35” 2* loft and standard lie. PP58 midsize
  4. Full article on the new PING PLD putter line coming to reality on March 31st. https://mygolfspy.com/2022-ping-pld-putters/ Quality and precision A solid block of forged, 303 stainless steel requires more than four hours of milling time; precisely shaping every surface and radius to achieve the high quality and premium look expected in a precision-milled putter. Tour proven A variety of tour-inspired options ensures a model to fit your stroke and eye. Each design incorporates PING’s proven perimeter-weighting theories to deliver forgiveness and control for more accuracy. Control and consistency A precision-milled face pattern, known as deep AMP (Aggressive Milling Pattern), is inspired by tour player feedback and provides the feel and speed control you need to deliver score-lowering consistency on the green.
  5. Gran Turismo 7 tomorrow so effing pumped. Took off work. Even got a wheel/pedals this week! Xbox will be gathering dust as I bounce between Gt7 and HFW on my PS5
  6. Not so much talking about on course strategy; more so about how practice habits can set you up for making better swings. Practicing under pressure. Block practice. Staggered practice. Etc. honestly you have the swing and strategic mind to be low single digits. I don’t think your Arccos handicap on full shots is telling you to make better decisions. I think it’s telling you there is a mental/physical disconnect between your practice swing and how you mentally and physically execute a shot on the course I went through a similar plateau a few years ago The Tour Coach Podcast is a part of the Golf Science lab podcast group and this podcast really goes into successful practice structure and how to flip the switch from practice to playing
  7. You every listen to the Golf Science Lab Podcast and their coach/practice series? Lots of great information in there about how to practice and then how to transition everything to the course. I feel like you have the swing - but something happens when you get on the course where all the work you put simply doesn't translate to good scoring.
  8. Serious question: when you actually get in the course, do you play golf or do you play golf swing? I’d be curious if your mental approach to practice and how it translates over to playing 18 holes hinders your on course results.
  9. If you need a stop gap, get a Series S. I got one for the basement for when I’m working (in addition to my XSX and PS5 in my main room upstairs) and it’s incredible. You can play all the new stuff and old stuff and it’s only 299! It doesn’t play disks, but I am a game pass ultimate subscriber so I really don’t buy disc games anyway
  10. Haha glad I’m not the only one. I went to do a side mission today and ran into some ruins, random machine fights, an open world I counter with rebels fighting machines, a small settlement and two other people handing out tasks/quests Needless to say, I never got the main quest done. I’ve got about 35 hours on the game right now and it says I’m not even at 30% completion. Just hit character Level 31 this is by far the best open world game I’ve ever played. It’s interesting and not just a map marker clearing fiesta
  11. Can’t help you as I’m not familiar with that LAGolf model, but this is a reminder that one should always discuss budget and component price limits with your fitter prior to being fit edit: just did some digging and it appears the profile is a bit softer in the butt section and then stiffer in the mid and tip section. It is also high balance point Hzrdus yellow comes to mind, along with Rogue White
  12. Can’t help you as I’m not familiar with that LAGolf model, but this is a reminder that one should always discuss budget and component price limits with your fitter prior to being fit
  13. Nope. It’s a name hes earned. His fellow golfers and members of the media refer to him by that title as well
  14. Your body adjusts. I did superspeed training and I remember being extremely frustrated because there was like a one month span when I didn’t know where the ball was going. I spoke to the superspeed guys and they said this is normal and they said I should start seeing by timing sync back up. Sure enough, it did
  15. Praise the lord! ping PP58 midsize putter grips were finally in stock somewhere! Grabbed two!
  16. Oh yeah I hated the stock grip. Tried 3 different grips before selling it.
  17. Also to note I thought the Scotty 5.5 was going to be my long term putter. Bought it last year and sold it within a month. The balance of the putter just felt off for me
  18. First thing would be to check your aim. Good chance you are aimed left of your target line. Your body could be set up left of your target. Or your body could be square and your face aligned closed. Just like full swing, you'd need to know your swing path and face angle as well. You could be pulling the ball with a square face and out to in path, or you could be pulling the ball with a neutral path and a closed face at impact. Those are your starting points. Once you figure out the reason you are pulling ball, then you play with the variables you mentioned (to hand, length, weight, alignment markings) to fix the problem.
  19. His contract with Workday expires in early April and they are not renewing it
  20. Haha yup. I don’t even know what the going rate is these days but whatever it is I can assure you it’s too much. $50 with a cart seems fair. That’s about what i pay for my local muni up here (and enjoy the muni so much more)
  21. Yup. It’s absolutely incredible and so easy to get lost in the world they’ve created This and Gran Turismo 7 will be occupying my gaming time for the foreseeable future I have a Series X as well and use that for Game Pass Ultimate ps5 jlukes7 xsx jlukes
  22. I still can’t believe he’s only 23. Feel like he’s been around for a decade
  23. Torrey Pines being on that list doesn't surprised me either. There are a few holes on Torrey that have a glimpse of the ocean. Other than that, the course is your typical parklands course. With very few memorable holes. I mean they just played the US Open there and I struggle to remember details of any particular hole. Heck the most memorable things about Torrey is the pond on 18, which is an absolute abomination of a man made hazard. It is one of the most unnatural hazards you will every see on a tour-level golf course. Here is a good article on why Torrey Pines is a poorly designed course https://golfweek.usatoday.com/lists/u-s-open-torrey-pines-beautiful-course-design-could-be-better/
  24. Honestly don't waste your money. It is supremely unspectacular. I played it in 2015 and was absolutely shocked that is a regular tour stop. It is a Florida resort/community course through and through. The Bear trap is fun for no other reason then you see PGA Tour players playing it and it is called The Bear Trap. The other 15 holes are some of the most forgettable golf holes I have every played - and they are all lined with copy and paste houses.
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