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Testers Announced! Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Drivers and Autoflex Dream 7 Shafts! ×


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  1. Yeah, the 2014 apex pros looked great but I never liked the look of the standard Apex
  2. Yeah the Srixon 545s were only in a few Golfsmiths and pga superstores. If you lived anywhere near Philly or NYC we could meet up and you could hit mine. It's a shame they weren't more available at retail locations and I hope the 2016 line makes it into more stores. Callaway pre-owned might have some good deals on the 2014 apex line. For the 545s they are marked down a good amount on srixon's site but the s300 is the only shaft option available. I actually just used a fitter that had the 545 head and shafts and got fitted and had them reshaft mine
  3. Yeah the ap2s sound/feel a little better but they perform really similarly. The Srixon 545s are marked down now with the 565s coming out and they perform very similar to the rsi2 with the feel of the ap2s. Callaway apex is another good option.
  4. Nice, those are some solid sets. Have you hit either yet?
  5. I just traded in some old stuff and got a $270 gift card to Galaxy. Thinking about Under Armour shoes or maybe holding off for the new RTX3 Wedges.
  6. Thought we could have a thread to hear about what equipment is on everyone's mind? Thinking about pulling the trigger on something? Waiting for a release date? Drooling over something but just dont have the funds? What equipment is on your mind?
  7. I love Crossfield for his teaching approach - Face to path relationship rather than worrying about positions. He is really good at explaining cause and effect in the golf swing
  8. Would be nice if we could simply copy in our pictures we have already uploaded to google photos.
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