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  1. Welcome! My brother in law grew up playing Atlantis and was an assistant pro at Sea Oaks for many years before he got out of the golf business. My parents have a place in Beaxh Haven West so we are always playing courses down that way in the summer
  2. It's funny- I've never played Cream Ridge and have heard mixed reviews about course conditions there. I know the course is fairly straightforward so sounds like they bumb up the green speed as it's only method of defense
  3. Not sure how far Golf Galaxy in Oxford Valley is for you, but I'd heavily recommend Jason Krier who is the PGA Pro there. I've used him off an on for over 10 years
  4. People that dislike Tiger will be all over this People that like Tiger will defend him Most others wont bat an eye. No sure there will be much of a productive "discussion" around this topic, but we can allow this thread to stay open if it remains civil
  5. There are a few that come to mind 8 @ Pebble Beach 13 @ Augusta 18 @ Pine Valley 13 @ Pine Valley The last two I’ve had the pleasure of playing 3 times
  6. Depends if you care about reduced performance or not. If I am playing in a round where I am trying to shoot a score, a ball comes out of play as soon as their is a scuff/cut on the cover https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-lab-how-does-cover-damage-affect-golf-ball-flight/
  7. Ping and a lot of other putter manufactures use tungsten plugs all the time in order to add weight to the putter head. Most of the time this is done at the bumpers or low and on the edges of the face. It's important that you laterally balance any weight you add or you can throw off the balance/feel/closure rate of the putter
  8. In that case idean towards a fairway wood. If you struge off the deck with one, you could go for more of a 4 or 5 wood
  9. Would need to know how much of an upgrade at driver we are talking here
  10. Western Birch Tees: 6.99 or 7.99 direct from their website In stores on on retailer websites they're 12.99 or 14.99 Crazy retailer markup
  11. Yes absolutely. And he those lesser events also create immediate pathways into designated events. A hot stretch of a few tournaments is enough to get into a designated event.
  12. Kitayama would have been in the tournament.
  13. But that is what got the PGA Tour in this predicament Too many events with no clear delineation about the important events Too big of fields No way to force the top players to play in the same events. I think NLU did such an incredible job of explaining why these changes are BETTER for the 50-200th ranked players in the world. The Status Quo was NOT an option
  14. Hard disagree. The players outside the top 50 are actually in a better place within this new model. "The better players get more money" Yeah, as they should. Want more money? Play better
  15. PGA Tour Launch Angles https://blog.trackmangolf.com/trackman-average-tour-stats/ Look like a PGA Tour average for 3 iron launch angle is 10.4 degrees. I would imagine average static loft on a 3 iron on tour is around 20*. I believe the Mizuno 2 iron you have is 16.5 degrees. So a launch in the middle to high single digits doesn't seem too crazy, especially if you are getting the handle forward and delivering less than than 16.5 degrees of loft.
  16. For me it's the 3rd he that always kills me. If you don't hit the fairway you almost have no good shot of hitting the green.
  17. Mountain View isnan interesting course. Some really nice holes and a few I'd like to take dynamite to haha
  18. Biggest question to ask yourself is do you find yourself not being able to hit certain shots or yardages on the ciurse? If so, you should look at finding a club that can meet those needs. If there's nothing glaring, there is nothing wrong with playing with less than a full bag.
  19. Well hopefully you'll be dusting off those sticks soon
  20. West is opening up in the week or so. Most downed trees were between 2 and 11. No damage to the actual course/fairways. Lots of debris needed to be cleaned up along tree lines and some trees came down in scattered locations, but I could have been much worse! Source: Me! I played the East on Friday and talked to the GM in the pro shop prior to my round!
  21. The move from Faldo to Immelmann is the biggest improvement to golf on tv since pro tracer
  22. Two golf legends That being said, I can’t imagine two people I’d want to listen to less. Both are very self-aggrandizing and Jack often says one thing but then does another (especially when it comes to business opportunities)
  23. Not that it matters who plays what, but Ian Fraser from TXG, who is close to scratch, chose the i230s for his irons for the year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPI8avmZo5Q&t=670s
  24. Well so much for getting into F1 Boring a shit these last two years.
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