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  1. 57 minutes ago, KOG said:

    Yeah the lay out isnt very hard but the greens are well known for being difficult and tiered so your approach has to be accurate. The course was in bad condition till they hired an excellent greens keeper 5 years ago who has lots of experience in Baltusrol, I think, and they seem to be constantly working on it. Its been good past few years under his supervision and they were redoing the 1st tees this morning.  Compared to some courses around here, conditions are not bad at all. Lots of the bad reviews seem older before the efforts. The course is more about accuracy due to the green tiers. Def worth the $25  "hot deal" w cart on golf now if you never played. Its worth it or sure.

    Definitely gonna have to play there this spring!

  2. 2 hours ago, pma531 said:

    A long overdue introduction for me here. I’m from New Jersey. Let’s give this a shot.

    How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score?
    I started playing golf a little less than a year ago. I played a couple random outings over the years with my friend’s old hand me down set of clubs. Finally played an NFL Alumni outing (I’m not current or former NFL) with a couple guys who were REALLY good and out of my league, but it got me hooked. I’m currently a 19ish handicap and normally shoot in the mid to low 90s. I haven’t been playing long, but I’ve been working really hard to improve my game.

    What do you love about golf?

    I love the challenge of golf. It’s difficult, but normally if you’re doing something (ie: slicing, fat shots,etc.) there is a reason why and it and through focus and hard work, it’s fixable. Plus the rush of hitting a good shot isn’t bad either. Lol

    What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?

    I do not know any other spies. I am hear for knowledge and a community who loves the same game I do. I’ve been apart of similar forums in the past and know how important these communities are to the game/culture.

    Where are you from? What is your home course?

    I’m from NJ. Normally play Ocean Acres, Cedar Creek, Atlantis, and pretty much anywhere that’l let me on.

    What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?

    Winters make it difficult to practice. I have a set up in the garage I use too much according to the wife lol. 

    What do you do for a living?

    For the sake of not getting yelled at, I’ll just say garbage man. Lol

    Current season goals: My goal for this year is to break 90 and hopefully be able to play consistent golf in the mid to upper 80s.

    Also, thank you to MGP and the moderators for having a resource like this and for the hard work that you do!

    Welcome!  My brother in law grew up playing Atlantis and was an assistant pro at Sea Oaks for many years before he got out of the golf business. 

    My parents have a place in Beaxh Haven West so we are always playing courses down that way in the summer

  3. 30 minutes ago, KOG said:

    I ended up joining Cream Ridge in Monroe as the price was very reasonable at $2500 w cart per year, but man, these greens are so fast. Its like they are trying to make it as hard as possible. Well, I guess Ill improve my putting this year.

    It's funny- I've never played Cream Ridge and have heard mixed reviews about course conditions there. 

    I know the course is fairly straightforward so sounds like they bumb up the green speed as it's only method of defense

  4. On 2/21/2023 at 11:15 AM, DonnieGolfs said:


    Recently returning to golf/ southeastern PA after living in SC, CT and CA the past few years with little to no time to golf. Got my old golf clubs out and I'm looking to get back into golf. 

    Can anyone recommend instructors and fitters in southeastern PA?

    Near King of Prussia, PA if that helps at all.

    Current WITB is in my signature, I am looking to upgrade my irons and get them fitted after a lesson or two to get my swing back in the ballpark where it needs to be. 


    Not sure how far Golf Galaxy in Oxford Valley is for you, but I'd heavily recommend Jason Krier who is the PGA Pro there. I've used him off an on for over 10 years

  5. 6 hours ago, GGjdhbs said:

    I have some fine tuning to figure out, but I came across a new Yes Madison on eBay (head still in plastic, even if the grip was disintegrated.)and had to give it a chance. Google seems to say that these have 340 gram heads, so I'm already down 10 grams from the Yes Tiffany I've been using. I also have cut it to 32.5, the Tiffany is a 34 but too long for me, I was going to cut it too but didn't feel like re-gripping it right now.

    So anyways, using the swingweight charts that's a loss of 9 points to the shaft, and another 5 from the lighter head, so then about 28 grams to get back to where I was with the Tiffany. Testing confirmed that it feels extremely light (has a irritating to me ping sound too.)

    Using my very scientific method of two way tape and some 45/70 bullets I'm going back and forth between adding 39 and 58 grams of weight. I'll find some other bullets for fine tuning, but this much weight is probably past what lead tape can accomplish without looking like an abomination.

    The putter is obviously hollow, and I'm considering drilling a neat hole in the bottom to allow filling it with lead or tungsten... the tungsten would need to be powder or putty but lead I might be able to melt and pour.

    Other than that, I'm not sure. The putter has no cavities to fill. Maybe a tungsten disc on the bottom? Something I'm not thinking of?

    Ping and a lot of other putter manufactures use tungsten plugs all the time in order to add weight to the putter head. Most of the time this is done at the bumpers or low and on the edges of the face. 

    It's important that you laterally balance any weight you add or you can throw off the balance/feel/closure rate of the putter

  6. 2 minutes ago, Merlin1313 said:

    OK- I have a dilemma- The opportunity has presented itself to where I can get a new Driver(Paradym) or FW(Paradym).

    I've been playing without a FW for a LONG time (except my UW). Do I really NEED a new driver? Probably not- but as well as I hit it at the fitters.... kinda makes me go 🤔? I haven't really missed having a "FW" because if I can't hit the green on the longer par 5s, I'm in a really good spot for one of my wedges to get me close. At the same time, with the distance gain I saw with the driver, that could get me closer from the start and .... you get the point. But it MIGHT be nice to reach them in 2 or get even closer. So- what's y'alls thoughts? (Kinda like that - "You have $1200 to spend conversation we've got goin on).

    Thanks for any/all input

    Would need to know how much of an upgrade at driver we are talking here

  7. 8 minutes ago, Golfspy_TCB said:

    Yes but would he be 44th without the opportunity to play in the events leading up to the API that gained him enough fed ex points?


    Yes absolutely. And he those lesser events also create immediate pathways into designated events. 

    A hot stretch of a few tournaments is enough to get into a designated event. 

  8. 10 minutes ago, Golfspy_TCB said:

    Agree and disagree.  for sure... more money for better golf.  But there is also some exclusion in the announcment for players holding a tour card - which limits the opportunity to "play better golf".  A tour card used to mean equal chance for all PGA events.. Now there are events that exclude tour card holders.  I'm not saying I disagree with the new direction.  Saying that it is a change from tradition.

    But that is what got the PGA Tour in this predicament

    Too many events with no clear delineation about the important events

    Too big of fields

    No way to force the top players to play in the same events.

    I think NLU did such an incredible job of explaining why these changes are BETTER for the 50-200th ranked players in the world.

    The Status Quo was NOT an option

  9. 2 minutes ago, Weekend_Warrior said:

    I recently got a Mevo+ and have set it up in the garage. I have 20 feet of space, and it is setup with 8 feet from unit to ball with 12 feet of ball flight. I'm using Titleist RCT balls, and everything seems really spot on accurate except for driver and my 2 iron. The driver I expect there to be issues, I've never been able to swing a driver indoors all that well anyway. I have a Mizuno Pro Fli Hi 2 iron and when I hit it the Mevo is reading the launch angle pretty low which is causing the carry distance to be really low. I can tell they are good strikes, and the ball speed is between 138 and 142, but the launch angle is reading at like 6 degrees or less which is causing the carry numbers to be crazy low. I'm trying to dial in carry distances before the season starts, and this is the only club in the bag that is giving me fits. 

    Is there a setup change to the Mevo that might help? Changing the tilt angle from 12 to 11? 

    Do I just need more ball flight? I could probably squeeze a couple more feet of ball flight out of the space, but it would be a real pain in the rear. 

    Or maybe it is completely accurate, and the distance I saw from this club last season was a lot of roll out. 



    PGA Tour Launch Angles https://blog.trackmangolf.com/trackman-average-tour-stats/

    Look like a PGA Tour average for 3 iron launch angle is 10.4 degrees.  I would imagine average static loft on a 3 iron on tour is around 20*.

    I believe the Mizuno 2 iron you have is 16.5 degrees.

    So a launch in the middle to high single digits doesn't seem too crazy, especially if you are getting the handle forward and delivering less than than 16.5 degrees of loft.



  10. 50 minutes ago, richk9holes said:

    My notes under my score on #18 read "Dr good 235 to 180 3H left tree," the just the word "f*ck" then "good 52° 1 putt.

    For me it's the 3rd he that always kills me. If you don't hit the fairway you almost have no good shot of hitting the green.

  11. 10 hours ago, richk9holes said:

    I chose to play Mountain View today strictly based on timing and discount pricing. $23.99 to walk on Golf Now. $10 in gas, that's my happy place for spending on an excursion currently.

    I liked the course. I live closer to the Ocean so my home courses are mostly flat. I enjoyed playing the hills and undulations.

    Mountain View isnan interesting course. Some really nice holes and a few I'd like to take dynamite to haha

  12. 1 hour ago, Ryan Luke said:

    Hi Richknine!

    Very credible rumor from that rough storm that hit Mercer County recently is that Mercer Oaks West has over 500 trees down due to a tornado/tornados that ripped through. Supposedly the course and is a complete mess as well as closed unitl further notice for clean up.  It may be a while before that course opens up but the East course is open.  

    West is opening up in the week or so. Most downed trees were between 2 and 11. No damage to the actual course/fairways. Lots of debris needed to be cleaned up along tree lines and some trees came down in scattered locations, but I could have been much worse!

    Source: Me! I played the East on Friday and talked to the GM in the pro shop prior to my round!

  13. 8 minutes ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    Echo this times 1000.

    Amazing golfers, amazing careers, however was so happy when Faldo left the booth. I actually enjoyed Golf TV after. Jack I can take or leave. 

    However a reaction podcast by NLU to this podcast could be wildly entertaining!

    The move from Faldo to Immelmann is the biggest improvement to golf on tv since pro tracer

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