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  1. Randomly decided to play yesterday and there was nobody on the course so I treated it like a practice round and it was amazing. Was driving the ball well, irons are rounding into form and the chipping is as best as I've ever had it. Golf is fun for me now. Experimenting with shot shapes and trajectories. Digesting the result and moving on to the next shot and managing realistic expectations. The G430 LST is incredible. Best sounding Ping driver ever and there is no debate. TSR2 hybrid was fun to get on the course. Dropped some balls around 230 out on a few par 5s and hit the green with ease. HMB 2 iron was fantastic off the tee. Really allows me to hit a more controlled shot when driver brings far too much trouble into play. Can't wait for the season
  2. Anyone that wants to debate or talk about this issue should have to listen to the No Laying Up Podcast and their interview with Peter Malnati before stating their opinion on the subject. It provides so much insight into what is actually happening and how the tour and the players went about coming up with the new system. It sounds really promising
  3. The alignment aid is more about centering the ball along the putter face and helping players set up square to the target line. But I definitely can see how they can distract certain players and even encourage poor putting stroke. Great thing is there are options that work for everyone The idea that is right for you is the one that gives you the most consistent positive results
  4. They will eventually play their way out of those events because of they keep playing like crap their world ranking will tank
  5. Well the funny thing is, based on Eddie's world ranking, he wouldn't be eligible for most of the no-cut events. The regular PGA Tour events still have cuts. The players ranked 51+ in the world can play in those events WITH CUTS, play well, and make their way up the world rankings or even directly into an elevated event by winning. Lots of people and players making comments without full understanding how this is going to work. And to be fair, the PGA Tour has done a poor job of communicating these changes and everything they entail -- leading to a lot of people on social media arguing with incorrect information
  6. https://twitter.com/NoLayingUp/status/1630992453871304704?s=20
  7. People are saying this is becoming like LIV while completely ignoring the fact that there is very specific qualification material for all of these events LIV has zero qualification criteria. None. Monumental difference
  8. So it's been rainy cold and windy and it looks like that for the next week or so. It's killing me that I haven't been able to get it on the course
  9. Nope. Nothing even announced yet. With the 410 line the driver came out in February and then they were finally able to release the LST a few months later. We will probably see the 430 LST 3 wood by the summer
  10. Box jumps are great too. Medicine ball slams. Wall slams. Any explosion exercise is HUGE for gaining distance
  11. Yup. You can find new and like new LTDx, and LTDx max fws on eBay for right around $150 and they came out last year. Jump back one more year to the Radspeed and you can get it even cheaper
  12. Definitely not worth 140 bucks. Good club, but that seems pretty expensive for a club 7 year old club. Cobra, especially, made some big gains on their woods over the last 4 years
  13. Gonna go to the range today before the wind picks up here. Can't wait to hit this again
  14. The Titleist 818 H2 has been in my bag since it released back in 2018. It does everything I want it to do from a shotmaking perspective, but as my swing has evolved, I have noticed a slight gapping issue. My H2 is good for about 223-227 yards of carry. Fantastic for my 20* hybrid, but the problem was once I added a beefier 4 iron two years ago, I noticed that the gap between 4i and hybrid might be a bit too tight, while the gap between my 3W and hybrid was almost 30 yards of carry. I sold one of my extra putters and that gave me enough to cover the costs of a new Titleist TS3R hybrid. They his stores today so I scheduled my fitting. I have a Tour AD DI shaft that I love so that was going to be the shaft I used during my fitting. Main goal was to figure out what loft, sleeve and weight settings would give me what I needed. I arrived at the shop and warmed up and then went and hit my 4 iron, current hybrid and Ping G425LST 3W 4iron carry: 215 yards 818 H2: 225 yards 3W: 255 yards So right away my suspicions were concerned: 10 yard gap on the low end and 30 yard gap on the high end. We started with the 21* TSR3 set on C1 (my setting on my 818 h2) and... I couldn't find the middle of the face. Bottom groove after bottom groove. Drop in distance because I couldn't hit the middle. Shook it off. He swapped me into the 19* head and it was more of the same. The TSR3 head was only 2g heavier than my 818 H2 head, but it felt COMPLETELY foreign to me. I could not make a consistent swing with it. After moving the weight slider and changing the hosel a bunch, we just couldn't get it to a spot where I had any sort of consistency. He put my 818 H2 back on and it was back to the usual middle of the face contact with 225 carry. Not always a bad thing to have an trusty club, not matter how old it is. Maybe I would search out a 19 degree head on ebay and see if I could squeak out a few more yards. The fitter than randomly said "why don't we just try the TSR2 for fun". He brought over the 18* head and put it in my AD DI. The head looked good. Looked like a mini fairway wood which, through bigger than the 818 H2, didn't bother me. Waggled it down by the ball and it felt much more similar to my H2 in terms of waggle feel (I am very sensitive to change swing weight). He confirmed that he weighed the head and it was identical to my 818 H2 head. First 5 swings were carbon copies of each other. Great ball speed, high launch with a little baby fade and the carry yardages on my first 3 swings was as follows: 227, 227, 226, 227, 227. Holy friggen consistency. It felt incredible, sounded incredible and was so easy to hit. But we just needed more distance. I told him I have no problem choking down an inch and hitting a high fade to take yardage off, so we wanted to push the standard swing carry distance higher so he swapped in to the 18 degree head. First 5 swings: 236, 237, 237, 236, 235 Baby fades. Perfect launch. Spinning around 3500-4000. 120ft peak height. 45* descent angle Just incredible numbers in the exact window I was hoping to get my yardage up to. I hit some more shots with it and noticed a big difference in forgiveness. I didn't have any toe hooks or heely spinners. Big difference from my 818 H2 Before we made the final decision we put the 818 H2 head back in and I took a few more swings. Topped out at 227 yards. Mishits were noticeably more penal. Moral of the story? GET FIT. If I were to have just blindly bought the TSR3 thinking it was going to be a plug and play solution for me, I would have been massively disappointed. Cannot wait to get my new TSR2 Hybrid on the course!
  15. Lookin forward to the new Battlefield 2042 season next week. Officially pre-ordered EA PGA Tour for PS5.
  16. Well of he's hitting range balls I'm sure he's mostly worried about good swings, contact and general shot performance than precise carry distance or launch windows I know that's how I practice when I'm at my local range, hitting off mats, with range balls https://mygolfspy.com/7-reasons-why-range-balls-shouldnt-be-a-part-of-your-next-fitting/
  17. The fun part about this game, you can make it so if you hit a bad shot you could then make yourself hit a punch out or maybe hit into the green with a longer club than usual Hit a bad approach shot? Make yourself hit a flop or chip. Adds a little bit of consequence to your range shots!
  18. I used to do block practice and drills, but not anymore. When I am at the range, I am doing one of two things. 1) Pretending to play courses I am familiar with. Driver off the tee, then a sand wedge. Then a 4 iron off #2. Driver 9iron on 3. Keeps me thinking about playing golf any nothing worrying about mechanics 2) Staying with the same club for multiple shots, but each shot is a different shape to a different target. Hybrid? Stock 230 shot, then high cut at the 185 flag. Then a low punch draw. It really gets me using the creative side of my brain and I know enough about the swing and ball flight laws to pull of the shots I am trying to hit. If I miss one, I don't go back to it right away and I move on to the next shot or the next club. This form of practice has really expanded my arsenal of shots on the course -- and because I am not thinking about the necessary swing mechanics to pull off a shot -- but instead thinking about the general feels and visualizing shots I have practiced on the range. Since adding this "controlled randomness" to my practice routine, I have yet to get into a scoring funk as I did in the past, where I would lose my swing for a month or two. Back then I would go to the range and grind and try to fix the mechanics. Now? I feel what's working for me and go with it and change the shot type that I am hitting without overly thinking about the positions/alignment/path/etc.
  19. In simple terms, it is a process designed to help you strategize your way around a golf course based on your own game https://web.birdiefire.com/
  20. Great thread and question. For me, with two young kids, I have realized the days of practicing a ton are behind me (for now). With that, I have have given up on lessons and focused on playing with the swing I have. I am a 2.8 handicap at the moment so it's obviously I have a good swing. I have spend years getting lessons, talking to fitters, watching educational videos, etc that I know the cause and effect of the golf swing. I understand the ball flight laws and the swing dynamics necessary to hit certain shots. I also understand the mechanics of what causes my bad shots. So now my approach is to just have fun and play good golf. Playing golf and not worrying about my swing. If I have a bad shot or hole, I digest the information and move on to the next one. I would say I have lowered my expectations quite a bit, and with that I am actually playing better golf. I try more interesting shots when the scenario calls for it and I take my medicine in getting out of trouble when necessary. I am not chasing a handicap or score anymore and I love it. The great side effect has been that I am playing the best and most consistent golf of my life
  21. I really don't understand the concept of backup shafts. Your shaft won't wear down.
  22. The new Cobra ad is the worst piece of golf club advertising I've seen since the TaylorMade Speed Police
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