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  1. The alignment aid is more about centering the ball along the putter face and helping players set up square to the target line. 

    But I definitely can see how they can distract certain players and even encourage poor putting stroke. 

    Great thing is there are options that work for everyone

    The idea that is right for you is the one that gives you the most consistent positive results

  2. 15 minutes ago, poprocksncoke said:

    I agree with what Pepperell had to say about it on twitter


    Well the funny thing is, based on Eddie's world ranking, he wouldn't be eligible for most of the no-cut events.

    The regular PGA Tour events still have cuts.  The players ranked 51+ in the world can play in those events WITH CUTS, play well, and make their way up the world rankings or even directly into an elevated event by winning. 

    Lots of people and players making comments without full understanding how this is going to work.

    And to be fair, the PGA Tour has done a poor job of communicating these changes and everything they entail -- leading to a lot of people on social media arguing with incorrect information

  3. 36 minutes ago, Cam.36 said:

    Does anyone know the release date for the Ping 430 LST 3 wood for the UK/US markets?

    Nope. Nothing even announced yet. With the 410 line the driver came out in February and then they were finally able to release the LST a few months later. 

    We will probably see the 430 LST 3 wood by the summer

  4. 2 hours ago, jbern said:

    I love this concept. I’ll definitely give it a try this year! Should help use more clubs and get in the course mindset rather than just hitting balls.  I definitely only use PW, 8, 6, 5W & D. The other clubs don’t see much range times at all. 

    No ranges near my house have data so I just watch the ball go and have a starting point and a general distance I’m hitting to. 

    This year I’m going to focus on videoing my swing and taking time to review hitting my positions. Last spring I got stuck in a rut of just hitting 50 balls as fast as I could and I think it actually hurt my game. 

    That's awesome man. Can't get better without a plan!

  5. 23 minutes ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    Only downside is now you are potentially getting different spin, height, carry, etc from what you practice with compared to what you play with. 

    Well of he's hitting range balls I'm sure he's mostly worried about good swings, contact and general shot performance than precise carry distance or launch windows

    I know that's how I practice when I'm at my local range, hitting off mats, with range balls


  6. 18 minutes ago, Jnoble89 said:

    I am for sure going to give this method a run this year. I am guilty of spending way too much time on one club, and then I overthink the heck out of it if I am not getting good contact every time. 

    The fun part about this game, you can make it so if you hit a bad shot you could then make yourself hit a punch out or maybe hit into the green with a longer club than usual

    Hit a bad approach shot? Make yourself hit a flop or chip. 

    Adds a little bit of consequence to your range shots!


  7. I used to do block practice and drills, but not anymore.

    When I am at the range, I am doing one of two things.

    1) Pretending to play courses I am familiar with.  Driver off the tee, then a sand wedge.  Then a 4 iron off #2.  Driver 9iron on 3.   Keeps me thinking about playing golf any nothing worrying about mechanics

    2) Staying with the same club for multiple shots, but each shot is a different shape to a different target.  Hybrid?  Stock 230 shot, then high cut at the 185 flag.  Then a low punch draw.  It really gets me using the creative side of my brain and I know enough  about the swing and ball flight laws to pull of the shots I am trying to hit.  If I miss one, I don't go back to it right away and I move on to the next shot or the next club.  This form of practice has really expanded my arsenal of shots on the course -- and because I am not thinking about the necessary swing mechanics to pull off a shot -- but instead thinking about the general feels and visualizing shots I have practiced on the range.

    Since adding this "controlled randomness" to my practice routine, I have yet to get into a scoring funk as I did in the past, where I would lose my swing for a month or two.  Back then I would go to the range and grind and try to fix the mechanics.  Now?  I feel what's working for me and go with it and change the shot type that I am hitting without overly thinking about the positions/alignment/path/etc.

  8. Great thread and question.

    For me, with two young kids, I have realized the days of practicing a ton are behind me (for now).  With that, I have have given up on lessons and focused on playing with the swing I have.  I am a 2.8 handicap at the moment so it's obviously I have a good swing.  I have spend years getting lessons, talking to fitters, watching educational videos, etc that I know the cause and effect of the golf swing.  I understand the ball flight laws and the swing dynamics necessary to hit certain shots.  I also understand the mechanics of what causes my bad shots.

    So now my approach is to just have fun and play good golf.  Playing golf and not worrying about my swing.  If I have a bad shot or hole, I digest the information and move on to the next one.  I would say I have lowered my expectations quite a bit, and with that I am actually playing better golf.  I try more interesting shots when the scenario calls for it and I take my medicine in getting out of trouble when necessary.  I am not chasing a handicap or score anymore and I love it. 

    The great side effect has been that I am playing the best and most consistent golf of my life

  9. 10 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... So what loft are you buying? 🤣

    ... I enjoy Marketing but have to admit the new Cobra ad is pretty frustrating. Shows a guy starting to workout like the Pro's then balks at any training as too difficult and Rickie say "Or he could just buy an Aerojet".  I don't mind Marketing like this driver is Longer or Better or a Must Own or New Technology but I hate this one because it sends the wrong message. Do not workout, just buy a new driver when working out will produce more distance than any new driver and improve the quality of everyone's life. 

    The new Cobra ad is the worst piece of golf club advertising I've seen since the TaylorMade Speed Police

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