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  1. Hate to break the news to you, but this happens in every industry TVs, cars, phones, etc Yet internet golfers are the only once’s that whine about it incessantly If you don’t need a new driver, don’t buy one. If someone has the money to buy new clubs whenever they want, then more power to them.
  2. I tried and did not like the 425. Sounded awful and did not have any performance gains so i stuck with my G410. Just got the 430 LST sounds so much better than the 425 and does really well on mishits from my limited testing Excited to get in on the course
  3. Traded all of my old wedges in and it was enough to cover a used 2 iron (the head ive been searching for) at a good enough price that left me enough to pay for a new shaft and install. Build should be finished in a week or two
  4. Yup. I’m going with some new shoes from DSW and some cute tops from Nordstrom
  5. When your wife and you decide to gamble a bit at a Super Bowl party and split the winnings
  6. Mizuno Pro Fli Hi is another example Titleist U505 is close
  7. A shaft has very little to do with the driver head not producing the same ball speed all over the face. Think of a trampoline - just by physics there is more flex in the middle than there is around the sides. Companies are doing their best to offset those losses around the perimeter by moving around weight and using variable face thickness, but there are diminishing returns.
  8. See - I read that and my immediate thought was that straight shots have little to do with club design. So many "input" factors from all of the testers that makes it quite hard to corelate back to accuracy. But I am going to bow out now as I don't want this get to into the weeds.
  9. Oh for sure - that is why in my first post I made sure I said that I understood that this testing wasn't for people that want to know more about the data. There is a reason that the link to the actual data is a tiny link hidden at the bottom. It's a great starting point , but it is also dangerous to people walking around with bits of information that they don't quite understand and proclaiming it as gospel. But this goes beyond golf -- critical independent thinking and questioning the why is seemingly a dying art amongst society as a whole
  10. But the numbers don't mean anything at the surface. 97.5 vs 95.4 Two points of a proprietary scoring metric is hard to understand on its own, but its made more complicated when you look at the data and see the ballspeed, launch and spin all relatively even -- which also results in statistically insignificant differences in carry distance among the top drivers. And what's is the difference between forgiveness and accuracy in the scoring table? TSR3 has better shot area than the Stealth 2 Plus, but TSR3 has a lower accuracy score yet a higher forgiveness score. It's just very hard to look at the numbers and make any sense of the final rankings; especially with most of the drivers just so close in ball speed and carry distances
  11. Strokes gained (correctly) weights distance over accuracy. So @PMookie is correct: Distance matters more than accuracy. a 5% increase in distance will impact the SG number more than a 5% increase in accuracy.
  12. To be honest, there is nothing I hate more in marketing than graphs that make the gap between products/options look much larger than it actually is. This the statistical version of clickbait
  13. I doubt anyone signs him to any sort of deal. He put the TMaG driver in play, but he was also in Arizona at Ping HQ doing some testing. He is a free agent and I expect him to remain that way. I don't see any of the OEMs spending NEW money on guys that aren't on the PGA Tour because the players just aren't in the public eye on LIV.
  14. We have to remember that this type of test is more relevant for people who are buying off the rack without a fitting. Not people that are going to get fit, or those who have an understanding of their own swing dynamics. The information gets a little more relevant for us "gear heads" once they post the data broken out by swing speeds, but even then there are other swing dynamics at play (dynamic loft, angle of attack, etc) that play a HUGE role in why the numbers are what they are.
  15. I would recommend using the Vokey wedge selection tool and see what it spits out for you. You select divot type, shot types and conditions you hit with each club and then it recommends lofts and grinds. I use the Vokey D grind on my 58 and even with 12 degrees of bounce if find the sole grind makes it super versatile
  16. Who cares dude. Seriously Better content is better content. Where they got it from literally does not matter.
  17. Right handed in fantastic condition. All stock specs $Sold Shipped or best offer
  18. I am assuming that first part is tongue in cheek since the Arian Foster interview was clearly done with a sarcastic tone.
  19. 75% of the gambling money is on the Eagles as less than a two point favorite The Eagles, much to my dismay, have been the best team in football all year. It's going to take an all world effort from the Chiefs just to keep this close
  20. Playing HighBridge Hills tomorrow. Haven't played their since my HS golf days over 20 years ago Going to be a beautiful spring day!
  21. Need to sell this! Make an offer
  22. Good information here It's likely that between the shaft weight and shaft profile, you'll never notice a 1 SW point of difference
  23. And Golfworks still stocks authentic replacement weights so you could always get one or two to tinker with the feel https://www.golfworks.com/ping-g410-driver-weights/p/pgc007/
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