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  1. Brandon, Dallas Swing Speed: 108 Current Primary Ball: Snell MTB Black I've tried all Snell Balls. I gamed their first generation balls. Then I went to Callaway Chrome soft. Just recently went back to Snell MTB Black and I think its Snell for life at this point. Rather win or not, im going to do a ball review on my Youtube Channel just to support your finding because it's true! Snell is the truth!
  2. Brandon Foster, Dallas, TX and 30+ rounds a year IG: Gridiron_Golfers 8 Handicap, 102mpg Cobra F7 Single Length Cobra Single Length Current Arccos user | YouTube Channel: Gridiron Golfers | Former collegiate and professional athlete | Educator | F7 Single length iron user |
  3. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 9 years . Currently at 7 handicap. 77-83 What do you love about golf? The wisdom the game offers. The feel of the perfect shot. the culmination of practice and it comes to fruition the course. Should I continue! lol What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I used to visit MyGolfSpy just to read the articles and watch videos, however, my love for the game brings me to the forum to talk with other avid golfers who share the same love I do. Where are you from? What is your home course? Dallas area, Mansfield National What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Worst: Dormant grass in the fall and winter. Best: Number of courses in the region What do you do for a living? Teacher/Coach & Realtor How’d you pick your user name? Since my first love is football, and I've played football my entire life, the name combines my two loves
  4. Wanted to introduce myself. I'm not new to Mygolfspy per se. I have been a loyal follower for several years. However, I am new to engaging with the forum. Looking forward to the engagement!
  5. 1. Brandon- Dallas, Texas 2. Nike Repel Golf Pants with Nike HyperShield HyperAdapt Jacket 3. Tierra Verde in Arlington, TX. 45 degrees, 17mph wind, constant rain for 15 holes. Clears up on last 3 holes.
  6. n this thread - please tell us the following: 1.Brandon Foster- Texas 2. Driver: Taylormade M2, 3Wood: Taylormade M2, 4hybrid: Cobra King F7 Baffler Irons: Cobra F7 One length Wedges: 56 degree Vokey SM6 & 60 degree Vokey SM5 3. 9 Handicap-Certified on Grint 4. 70% FIR, 55% GIR, 50% scrambling, Average score of 78. 2017 averages Score 84.7 GIR 29.6% FIR 58.5% Scrambling 29.04% www.gridirongolfers.com | Instagram @gridiron_golfers
  7. Brandon Foster-Texas Cobra Fly Z- stock Stiff shaft 92 swing speed- Carry Average 215, with roll 225 Instagram: b_foster_that_one & brandonfoster_realtor Iphone Hook em Horns
  8. Handicap-10 Your State/Province-Texas Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance-92 & 228 Your Preference F7 Currently gaming cobra fly z. Love it!
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