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    Maxfli Tour

    I've been playing Snell MTB-X for years but my wife grabbed me 12 Maxfli Tour X, using the MGS discount, as she was picking up some Maxfli Tour for a nephew's Xmas present. The Tour X is a legit ball. Better than legit. It's amazing. I've been raving about them for two months, due to the distance, spin, and durability, but none of my friends believe me. Eight rounds of golf and I have 5 left, with two boxes of Snells in the closet, but I'll game those Maxfli Tour X after that. It's that good. I just hope they keep making them and at that price.
  2. Hey all you Ping fans. I'm hoping things loosen up and you all get your sticks soon. My custom order took 9 weeks, and I finally got around to swapping them into the bag. Can't wait for this weekend. Here are my previous sticks if you know someone that fits the specs. Again, wishing you all the best. Let the fall season be looong...
  3. SOLD: Ping Golf i200 iron set 3 through PW + Glide 2.0 Gap/Sand/Lob Wedges (11 clubs total). Right-handed. KBS Tour 120 Stiff flex shafts. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize grips. Shaft and grip labels/logos installed “down”. 3-PW are standard length/loft Green dot 2 degrees upright lie. Glide 2.0 Wedges are all PW length 35.5” with loft/bounce 50.12/54.12/58.10 in Blue dot 1 degree upright. Better lie angle when holding wedges very close to body. Serial numbers match on irons and are sequential on wedges. These clubs are preowned. They have been hit and have marks from normal use. The faces and heads show wear from regular play. Lob wedge has the most wear due to using inside 85yds and bunkers. Overall, they are in really good condition. Please see the photos. These clubs are 100% authentic! - $600
  4. I ordered 4-PW in i210s and three Glide 3.0 wedges in 50SS, 54SS, and 58SS. All of them custom. All green dot, KBS Tour 120 S and mid-size Golf Pride Tour-wrap 2G, shaft and grip logos down. Standard length except all wedges in the same length as the PW. Told me 8-12 and the all came at the same time in 9 weeks.
  5. Currently playing Ping i200 irons and have wanted to upgrade to the i210 for a year, but now I’m just anxious to see what replaces the i210?! Anyone hearing any solid rumors or know of a release date?
  6. Jeff, Washington Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 34" Super Stroke CounterCore Mid-Slim 2.0 Grip Odyssey O-Works Red #7 Putter
  7. I've been hitting the JPX-850s EVERY TIME I'm in the shop. Not sure that the EZ is the iron for me, but I would give it a shot. First name and home town : Jeff - Vancouver, WA Handicap: 7.7 Current irons/shafts: Ping i15 AWT Stiff Steel Custom Fit – yes or no: YES
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