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  1. David/Los Angeles Callaway Hex Soft (Costco!) 107-110 Really looking for a new ball!
  2. Man! Currently play the Tour B X-CB Irons and have been wanting to complete the set with wedges! Gaming SM6’s in 50, 54 & 60 Fingers crossed!
  3. David - Los Angeles Current index - 1.1 Current irons - Bridgestone J15 MB JPX 900 Tour for me... Thanks guys for these awesome opportunities!!
  4. I've been waiting for an opportunity like this!!! 100+ rounds per year Index is .7 Currently gaming an odyssey x-metal 2-ball after years with various Camerons. Really like the current putter, but "...putt for dough", right? Always looking for an advantage, and this looks like it!! Can't wait (hopefully).
  5. David G. from Los Angeles, CA Currently putting with an Odyssey 2-Ball Metal X. This is my 2nd "mallet", but would love to try, and get back to a unique blade. This thing sounds like a winner!
  6. David Gilbreath Los Angeles, California 1.2 index 100+ rounds per year Typically buy balls in bulk on line. Switched from a ProV1 to Callaway's Chrome Soft. Everything I've read however (including this site), seem to indicate that these balls are the real deal. Would love to test them! Thanks, David
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