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  1. First Name: John State: Colorado Handicap: No current index. I've had medical issues for several years that prevented me from playing. Prior to back fusion was a plus 1.3 index Current Wedge Brand: Taylor Made Favorite type of wedge shot: The one I execute that matches the one I pictured.
  2. I'm a high school golf coach in Colorado where we are required to use iWannamaker for scoring our events. For those not familiar, iWannamaker is an online scoring app that can record real time hole-by-hole scores and allow parents not on site to see how their players are doing. It could also be used by coaches to monitor scores during a round. It does not necessarily prevent cheating of the sort that occurred in this case because if whoever is entering the scores has agreed to enter false scores for all the players, there is nothing to stop that. However, it would allow someone who is watching to possibly recognize that something fishy is going on and send someone to monitor any players with questionable looking scores. They wouldn't necessarily be able to do anything about scores on already completed holes, but their presence might prevent any additional cheating from happening. At the regional events (where players qualify for the state championship) that my team participates in, we make sure the host school recruits volunteer markers so that a marker walks with each group to verify and enter their scores into iWannamaker. Prior to us using iWannamaker, we also had markers who walked with the groups. iWannamaker has its pluses and minuses. I personally am not a fan of making the players enter scores to the app between holes. I feel it is a distraction to what they should be focusing on (the upcoming shot). When our team hosts an event, we try to get volunteers (usually players from the girl's team during boys season, or players from the boy's team during girls season) to be stationed every few holes to collect and post scores from the passing groups. Sometimes we ask the coaches to do it for the groups that contain their players. As a coach who has experience observing kids who have tried to cheat, I don't think iWannamaker is really much of a solution. Oversight at important events for each group through all 18 holes is much more effective.
  3. Handicap: 0.0 State: Colorado Clubhead Speed / Carry Distance: 105 / 265 (this is at approx 4500 ft. above sea level) F7
  4. 30 Rounds per year 0.0 Index Current Putter: Yes Lizzie Plus or Bettinardi Kuchar 1
  5. John Perry Colorado I almost always walk but use a push cart with a cart bag. I would prefer to test the cart bag.
  6. Name: John Perry Current Handicap: 0.0 How the DST Compressor Set can help my ball striking: Actually, the main reason I'd like to be a tester is because I am a high school golf coach and believe that this training aid has great potential to help my players. I am past my prime as a player (just turned 60) and played at a very high level for a long time. I coach because I love the game of golf and want to help others play their best.
  7. First Name: John Home State: Colorado Current Irons: Titleist AP2 710 stiff Current Handicap: 0.0
  8. First Name: John Home State: Colorado Current Putter: Bettinardi Kuchar 1 Arm-Lock Would Like To Test: Tour Classic 34" Usual Miss: I often mis-aim slightly left
  9. First Name: John Home State: Colorado Current Handicap: 0.0 Current Hybrid: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 20 degree w/ Fujukura Speeder 865 Stiff shaft
  10. I'd love to have a chance to test these Mizuno Irons. I've never owned Mizunos but am seriously considering some for my next set (I usually replace irons every 8 to 10 years). First Name: John Hometown: Loveland, CO Handicap Index: 1.5 Current Irons: Titleist AP2 710 with SteelFiber i95 shafts Current Clubs Custom Fit: Yes
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