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  1. Peter (PJ) New Jersey 1.9 hdcp Currently play Callaway Razr X Forged (+.5") 1* upright (4-pw) JPX 900 Tour All the way! Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. PJ New Jersey 1.9 Callaway Razr X Forged (+1") 1 length all the way!!!! have three kids under age of 5 and a wife who is a wedding photographer so my weekends and practice time are non existent. thinking the one length will be my saving move to keep my game!
  3. PJ New Jersey 2.1 Handicap Driver swing speed - 105-115 depending on how my back feels that day
  4. Peter New Jersey 2.1 handicap Strengths: creativity, flop shots, chipping from fringe and just off green Weaknesses: trajectory control on mid range wedge shots, distance control -lack of practice time Specs from Ping Website: Glide 2.0 - lofts 50-54-58 Green Dot XP 95 Shaft - s300 +0.5" Dyla-wedge Grip White Grip code
  5. PJ New Jersey 2.1 hdcp Driver- Z765 9.5* stiff 3w - Zf65 13.5* stiff Hy- H65 19* stiff 3 iron - Z355 stiff dgS300 +1/2" 4-pw - Z765 stiff dgS300 +1/2" GW - 51* rtx-3 tour raw stiff SW - 58* rtx-3 tour raw stiff putter - Cleveland 2135 Elevado Ball - Zstar XV white have been gaming the ball for a while and switch between 2135 1.0 and odyssey #7 so the putter is a perfect match!
  6. PJH_NJ_12


    40 Adidas New Jersey
  7. PJ NJ Walk all my rounds and am currently rocking a 10 year old 2 wheel cart! Need an upgrade!
  8. PJ New jersey Handicap 2.1 2 iron (looking to replace hybrids anyways so hoping I get a chance!)
  9. PJ New Jersey Callaway Razr X Forged Irons - ProjectX 6.0 (1/2" long) 1.7
  10. PJ New Jersey 1.3 handicap titleist 19* hybrid xstiff shaft callaway razr x tour 4 iron project x 6.5 (+1" length)
  11. PJH_NJ_12

    Forum Contest: Win a Mamo, Courtesy of Mati Putters!

    Raos restaurant in Harlem. tough seat to get but worth the trip when you can. And the Raos is vegas is just as good! plus the pasta sauce is out of this world and you can find it in some grocery stores.
  12. PJ Halas Farmingdale, NJ Currently between putters. Was gaming a Scotty Cameron Delmar3 but was messing around with a HOG putter that I have used from time to time over the years and am almost ready to call it quits on being a putter ho. Please help me to not give up on my ho-ing during the season of ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all and especially to the four lucky souls who get to test drive the Ringo!