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  1. Stan (SADoc) Texas Maltby KE4 Driver with Fujikura shaft (Regular) Fitted shaft for higher launch and less spin, hand assembled with purred and flat line oscillation adjustment to shaft
  2. Stan (SADoc) San Antonio, Texas 6.4 Maltby KE4S with ScoreLT (6-9)/Dynamic Gold S105 (Wedges) Your PING choice - i210
  3. Stan (SADoc) San Antonio 69yo 6.8 Maltby KE4 S with True Temper Score LT and Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G one more time just for the heck of it...
  4. SADoc Stan Wendt San Antonio, TX 7.2 Golfshot GPS Pro for play and stats
  5. Stan Wendt (SADoc) Use GolfShot GPS Pro on IPhone...nothing better and doubt seriously this would give me the results I get from my $29.95 app.
  6. Stanley Wendt Jr San Antonio, TX Maltby KE4S irons with Dynamic Score shafts (spined and FLOwed for max performance least dispersion), R flex 7 iron 160 yards
  7. SADoc stan wendt San Antonio put with a Ping B62 but never get picked so it really doesnt matter which one I would choose...besides very happy with my putter for the last 8 years
  8. Stan Wendt San Antonio, TX hdcp 6.7 Hot metal but will test any of them In my bag now are Malby KEs, with spined and FLOed Dynamic Gold shafts
  9. Stan (SADoc) San Antonio...TX 6.4 HDCP play Malby KE S irons 6-GW, Cleaveland 54,56,60 wedges
  10. Yes I do this for all my "clients" (friends and others) and I do charge a nominal fee of $15 per club.
  11. Well the stats are there for anyone willing to find them. Pure-ing...spine-ing was done initially to find the stiffest portion of the staff and therefore get every staff bending and twisting in the same direction as you load the staff at the top of the swing relative to the heel/toe of the head. The outcome was thought to bring a little more distance, dubious at best, but the effect of dispersion is undeniable. Now if you would pick out the "go to" club in your bag, the one you hit most consistently, able to fade or draw at command, and you mark the shaft 90 degrees to the face and that shaft will be close to the stiffest portion of the staff or the spine. And even though shafts are much more consistent than in the past there is still a "spine" in the shaft. Now if you then take one more step and FLO (flat line oscillation) and find the exact "spine" orientation of the shaft that will oscillate the tip in a flat line when the butt of the shaft is affixed, then the "spine-ing and dispersion will be magnified...that is every club in you bag reacts upon loading in the same manner. This is physics and engineering and it is science and not folk law...it does work. I do it for all the clubs I shaft, both metal and graphite and everyone I do it for for one club bring all the rest to have them done. So far everyone I have done this for has seen a 1-3 handicap improvement in their game...that's huge if you ask me.
  12. Stan Texas 6.4 hdcp Maltby KE S irons with R shafts spined and FLOed 6-9,PW, GW, Cleveland 56 wedge and 60 wedge.
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