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    Golf of course! Why else would I be here? :-)
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  1. Currently playing the Z Star, but would be willing to give the Maxfli a go to see how it measures up.
  2. I have a Bushnell V2. Wonder how it stacks up against it?
  3. Okay, I'll apply to be a tester, but it's going to take a lot to kick the Bullseye out of my bag. Charles Taunton,MA 12
  4. To me they felt just a shade firmer. But I did have a different shaft in it than in my TE's, so that may be a small part of the difference in feel also. They don't feel bad, just a little different to me. Your results may vary. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
  5. Nedpepper, I'm with you on the Maltby TE forged irons. They are sweet feeling. The TSW wedge is nice also, although it doesn't feel quite the same as the TE iron. TSW is made from 1025C carbon steel and the TE is made from1035 Carbon steel. The TSW looks really good behind the ball. Order yourself the TSW head and the shaft that you want and assemble it yourself. That is what I did. I don't think that you will be disappointed with the TSW.
  6. Charles Taunton, MA Current putter: Bullseye Standard Flange Impact 2 or 3 Just try to kick the Bullseye out of my bag.
  7. Charles, Taunton, MA I play the N.S. Pro 105 shaft in regular flex in my irons. I would love to test out the N.S. Pro shaft in my driver. Thank you for the opportunity!
  8. Charles Taunton, Massachusetts I walk all of my rounds. I currently use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart. I would be willing to vigorously test and evaluate this product. Thank you for the opportunity.
  9. Charles Massachusetts Practice on an artificial mat. It looks similar to indoor/outdoor carpet with a rubber backing. The speed of the above mentioned mat I cannot verify, but the feel is faster than the greens that I play on (Muni) I would like to test one of the medium speed variants.
  10. Charles/Taunton,MA/USA Bullseye ZB3 I'll give it a go, but I have my doubts that it will replace my Bullseye. Many a putter has tried but none have succeeded.
  11. Charles Taunton, MA Low to mid 80's, Broke 80 last week with a 78, 1st time this year Maltby TE Forged w/ UST Mamyia Recoil 80 shaft regular flex 1/2" short D0 Self-assembled
  12. Charles, Massachusetts Laser Range Finder This is the kind of technoIogy that aids in keeping the game moving along. I would love to give this new SkyCaddie a whirl and find out what it can do. Thank you for the opportunity. Charles Bartholomew
  13. Charles Massachusetts Callaway X2Hot 10.5 degrees, Aldila Tour Blue 55 Regular Flex 12 SS 85-90 Do not use Launch Monitor Have never played Tour Edge
  14. Charles Massachusetts Lamkin Z5 Standard+ Tour Velvet +4 Rubber
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