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  1. That has to hurt to have to wait this long for a set of irons. I sympathize with you APH.
  2. I believe the KBS Tour V 90 stiff will be more stout than the Nippon Modus 105. So, you should be happy with your choice. I use the Nippon Modus 105 in my irons and the Nippon Modus 115 Wedge shaft in my wedges and love them. The feel is phenomenal to me. Good luck and lower scores with your new irons!
  3. I'm more interested in your shaft selection being as you feel the 105's are now soft feeling due to your speed training. Can you share what you decided to go with?
  4. If you haven't been fitted yet give Jim McCleery a call. He's a clubfitter/builder in Waverly, OH. I think that you would enjoy the experience. He knows his stuff. His site is McGolf on roadrunner.net. Look him up. It will be worth your time.
  5. The other thing to look at is what are the shafts that you are playing your irons and what shafts you are playing in your driver/fairways; specifically the weight of the shafts. The balance point of your iron shafts is likely different than your diver/fairway shafts inducing this lighter feeling. Something to look at. Also playing with the lead tape on your driver/fairways is a good exercise. Do you have a swing weight scale?
  6. I noticed that the dimple sizes and patterns are definitely different. The one almost reminded of a hex pattern ala Hex Chrome. Anybody else see that?
  7. Manufacturer's prices for materials may have increased...or not. That is what they tell us. And even if they did, wages have not increased at the same rate the they are increasing their prices. Sooner or later that is going to catch up to them. It may well come to the choice of being able to eat or buy new golf equipment. Let me guess which one will win out.
  8. No 6-iron,huh? What covers the gap between your 5 and 7 irons?
  9. Yes sir, love me some lead tape. Best invention since the Vardon Flyer!
  10. To me they felt just a shade firmer. But I did have a different shaft in it than in my TE's, so that may be a small part of the difference in feel also. They don't feel bad, just a little different to me. Your results may vary. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
  11. Nedpepper, I'm with you on the Maltby TE forged irons. They are sweet feeling. The TSW wedge is nice also, although it doesn't feel quite the same as the TE iron. TSW is made from 1025C carbon steel and the TE is made from1035 Carbon steel. The TSW looks really good behind the ball. Order yourself the TSW head and the shaft that you want and assemble it yourself. That is what I did. I don't think that you will be disappointed with the TSW.
  12. Charles Taunton, MA Current putter: Bullseye Standard Flange Impact 2 or 3 Just try to kick the Bullseye out of my bag.
  13. Charles, Taunton, MA I play the N.S. Pro 105 shaft in regular flex in my irons. I would love to test out the N.S. Pro shaft in my driver. Thank you for the opportunity!
  14. Charles Taunton, Massachusetts I walk all of my rounds. I currently use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart. I would be willing to vigorously test and evaluate this product. Thank you for the opportunity.
  15. Charles Massachusetts Practice on an artificial mat. It looks similar to indoor/outdoor carpet with a rubber backing. The speed of the above mentioned mat I cannot verify, but the feel is faster than the greens that I play on (Muni) I would like to test one of the medium speed variants.
  16. Charles/Taunton,MA/USA Bullseye ZB3 I'll give it a go, but I have my doubts that it will replace my Bullseye. Many a putter has tried but none have succeeded.
  17. Charles Taunton, MA Low to mid 80's, Broke 80 last week with a 78, 1st time this year Maltby TE Forged w/ UST Mamyia Recoil 80 shaft regular flex 1/2" short D0 Self-assembled
  18. Charles, Massachusetts Laser Range Finder This is the kind of technoIogy that aids in keeping the game moving along. I would love to give this new SkyCaddie a whirl and find out what it can do. Thank you for the opportunity. Charles Bartholomew
  19. Charles Massachusetts Callaway X2Hot 10.5 degrees, Aldila Tour Blue 55 Regular Flex 12 SS 85-90 Do not use Launch Monitor Have never played Tour Edge
  20. Charles Massachusetts Lamkin Z5 Standard+ Tour Velvet +4 Rubber
  21. I'd love to test the rain gear. I play in the rain a lot. Current rain gear: Zero Restriction Charles Massachusetts I've played in torrential downpours where when on the green the rain looked like it was coming up out of the ground.
  22. I like the Big Shots. I would even give an evaluation of them on this site if I were selected.
  23. Charles Massachusetts Callaway X2 Hot Aldila Tour Blue 55G Regular Flex 90 I'll believe it when I see it. In theory, yes it should work, but in practice the story will be told.
  24. Charles Massachusetts 65 12 Maltby TE Forged 3-G w/ True Temper Score LT shaft (Pured), Hogan Apex Redline SW w/ Brunswick Precision FM 6.5 shaft Have tried these out through their testing program and was not real impressed. Could be because I selected the KBS Tour 90 shaft which made the club feel a bit light to me. Current shafts are 117 grams. Could also have been the lofts and lies may have been off a bit. I would be willing to test again with a shaft closer to the weight that I currently play. Thank you for the opportunity.
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