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  1. This would be awesome Keith Pennsylvania USA Hogan Apex Edge 5 170
  2. Keith Thompson Coopersburg PA 15 handicap I feel the DST will help my consistency with mid to long irons which will increase my greens in regulation and lower my scores.
  3. Keith Thompson Coopersburg PA 15 HC Taylormade r7 Fujikara speeder 757 Swing speed 98 3 wood Ping i20 5 wood Ping i20
  4. Keith Thompson Pennsylvania Ping Ketsch CB I would like the Tour XDream I usually miss right Thank you
  5. Keith Thompson Pennsylvania 14 handicap Hogan Edge CFT Apex Edge 5 Custom fit 2003 Would like this opportunity I have been looking to upgrade to new technology.
  6. Keith Thompson Coopersburg PA Ping Cadence TR 388 gram with counter balance grip
  7. Keith Thompson Coopersburg PA 10 handicap 60-70 rounds a year Buy on line Currently play pro-v 1x
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