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  1. I live in Kansas City, not far from you and it is generally very humid here in the summer. I alternate two to three all-weather gloves during a round in the summer. After about 3-4 rounds they get greasy from sweat. Then I wash them with a strong detergent and water by hand with a brush, inside and out. Let them dry and they are about as good as new. Believe it or not, this same method works on cabretta leather gloves also. Another thing I do is wear nylon sleeves to absorb the sweat from my arms before it runs down into my hands. Hope that helps
  2. Roger/Olathe, KS RH First choice 3 wood regular Second choice Hybrid regular Hcp 8 Currently play hybrids past 5 iron
  3. Roger Olathe, KS Taylormade M2 7 TSI 3 10*
  4. As I get older, my swing speed gets slower as you would expect. Sometime ago I dropped down to 95 gm. steel shafts. Then I went to 95 gm graphite shafts in the form of the Recoil 95 F4. These seemed stiffer than the steel. So I put them on my frequency analyzer and sure enough. Does anyone have experience with the recoil 95 F4? And would I be better off with maybe the Recoil 780 F4?
  5. Thanks for your response. That is exactly what I have done. I called UST and the tech told me that the Recoil design is not conducive to frequency matching. (Just as fellow spy "JASKANSKI" told me). So I assembled the entire set. Swing weights came out pretty well with no tip weight added. Now I am anxiously awaiting a trip to the range.
  6. GB13 Thanks for responding. You are exactly right. I will assemble the 8 and try it. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for responding. Yes. I got D2-3 swing weight in the 5-7. Then I got D5-6 in the 8-PW. I guess that is not all that bad. But recently I got really interested in frequency matching. I don't have a real expensive frequency machine. First I found the spine, then put a "protractor" disk on the shaft marked off in 16 segments (every 22.5 deg.). I took a frequency reading at each segment mapping the frequency around the circumference. Then I flowed the shaft with the club head dry fitted on the shaft. I recorded the segment number were the club "flowed". The flow position would be used at the 9:00 position of the shaft at assembly. Hope I didn't get too much in the weeds about my process. I did not know about the principle around the Recoil shaft. I was always trained to get 2-3 cycles between each club thru the set. As an experiment I fully assembled the 7 iron of this set, took it to the range and hit it. I liked it. It was in the D2-3 range. Maybe I should take the 8 and assemble it and do the same thing. Any comment?
  8. Obtained set of UST Recoil 95 iron shafts (5-PW stiff) pullouts. Checked frequency of each shaft with tip weight. Trying to match up with some Callaway Apex heads. Frequencies checked seemed OK (306-310 cpm) with the 5-7 iron shafts. But the 8-PW shafts jumped up to 328-330. The options I have to lower the short iron frequencies is to either make the shafts longer or to add weight in the tip. Don't want to make them longer, so adding weight is the only option. But that would seriously increase the swing weight. Should I be concerned about that??? I would appreciate anyone weighing in with some advice. Thank you.
  9. Roger Kansas 6 Callaway Apex i210 I am looking to change irons and this would be a great opportunity to check out the new offering from PING. Thanks for considering me.
  10. Ground Hog here. I am a 6 handicap from Kansas. I currently use a Nikon laser range finder Would really like to compare either of the new Precision Pro laser finders against my Nikon that is about 8 years old. Thanks for the opportunity..
  11. Yes. Snell balls Test before you buy or you might be in for buyer's remorse. The equipment tests are a big help. No not really A bad day of golf is always better tan a good day at work.
  12. Ground Hog here! I am from Kansas and play to a 6 handicap. My current wedges are all Cleveland and I have a 52, 56 and 60. They reed to be replaced and it would great to try the new RTX wedges. Thanks
  13. Ground Hog here I am Roger from Kansas I walk about half of my rounds which amounts to 1-2 per week. Love to try out this interesting looking cart.
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