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  1. Love to give it a test run, currently driving a Bat Caddy.
  2. Man these are sweet looking. Love to give them a try. Garry Sutterfield, Virginia Handicap 4 PXG 0211
  3. Love the look of these irons the black PVD is so bad. Definitely would like to give them try here in Virginia. Handicap is 3.7 Current irons are 0211 PXG 8 iron distance is 145 Haven't got that much info on Sub 70 equipment. Have seen some info on Mygolfspy.
  4. Garry , Florida Dunlop Redneck Lurch I need one putter to accommodate slow and quick greens tired of swapping out heavy and light putters. Love to test this baby!
  5. Man Yea!!! I want to test this bad boy. Garry, florida 4.6 Callaway Razr Extreme with Aldila Trinity graphite @65 grams Stiff Swing Speed 100, Carry 235 Patrick Reed
  6. Love to try this device. Been shopping around and this would be great chance to see if I like them. Garry Florida 5.6 No No garry
  7. Would love to test this baby!! I currently play the AMP Cell. Your Handicap 6 Your State/Province Florida Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance 96-102/230-240 Your Preference (F7 or F7+) F7+
  8. Garry Sutterfield Florida 5.5 Dream bag consist of: Z565 Driver 10.5 ZF65 14.5 ZH65 Hybrid 3 and 4 Z565 4-GW Cleveland RTX-3 52 and 56 Black Satin Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 putter
  9. Love to rock this driver! Garry, Florida, USA Cobra AMP Cell, Kuro Kage stiff Swing Speed is 95 carry is 225-230
  10. Really would love to test this bad boy out. I am on the search for the right putter for me but haven't found the one yet. Really good looking putter. Garry Sutterfield Odyssey Rossi
  11. Just read the article on testing of the Snell MTB quite impressive. Really would like to give these a try. Garry Sutterfield Florida 4.8 index 70+ rounds Normally buy balls online
  12. Hi new to forum, shoot to a 4.8 index most of the time but lately been a struggle. Callaway Razr Extreme Fit 9.5 Sldr 3 fairway 14 degrees RBZ 3 hybrid 19 degrees RBZ 4 hybrid 23 degrees Titleist AP2 irons with Pured Steel fiber 95 gram shafts professionally fitted. Hopkins 56 and 60 degree wedges Old Carbite mallet putter
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