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  1. Guys the K-Sig is back online!!!!!, I just ordered one box and received my confirmation...go get them!!!!
  2. I just purchased a box, they are available, it states out of stock but just continue and the order should go through...good luck!!!!
  3. I've used both, Golf Pad GPS for the phone and the Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition, I really like the exact yardage from the rangefinder, the GPS is great as well, but to get the entire support from the app I have to pay $10 a year, which is nothing really, the rangefinder is way more accurate than the GPS, not bad 2-3 yards on the norm...so I prefer the Bushnell.
  4. I am so upset, I have a 2 day tournament this weekend that I have already paid for, but, please, do keep me in the loop, I "WILL" make it out an play with you guys hopefully the next time...thanks.
  5. Welcome to MGS, I live in Fredericksburg...hopefully we can get out and hit a few...
  6. Name: Luis State: Fredericksburg, Virginia Handicap: 3.3 Current Set: Callaway Tour Authentic Prototype 4-P
  7. First thank you to MGS and Cobra Golf for the opportunity, here is my information and preference: HCP: 3.3 State: Virginia Swing Speed: 108-110/Carry: 275 Preference: F7+
  8. Luis Carrion Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Strengths: Full shot ball flight control and spin control Weakness: Short chip and pitch shots around the green The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game: ​I would play 50 SS, 54 SS, and 58 SS Standard length AWT Steel Shaft 2.0 Grip: Red color
  9. I am retired from the US Army (Dec 2016) as a Human Resource NCO, now working in a personnel program for the Army as a contractor...
  10. Yes, bottom line is that your driver will feel lighter and depending on the shaft a bit more flexible, of course if cutting from the butt end, if you like the feel of it now, you'll have to add weight (lead tape strips, etc), I have always played under 45" in shaft length, currently I am at 44.25" and loving it...good luck
  11. Ole Gray...Agreed!!!, I used to play a 44" driver before, then 44.5" and this new head/shaft combination works best for me at 44.25", but yes, I agree that most golfers would benefit with a shorter driver...
  12. I just did a complete bag fitting last Friday and the only question I had was the actual driver loft, they used a different piece of equipment and it came out to be .1 off, my SLDR TP is 10.5 and the machine stated 10.4, so for me there is no difference, had to adjust the driver shaft length the 44.25" from 44.75", no significant distance loss (old ss/carry/total--109-110/291/309, new ss/carry/total--109-110/288/306, better spin numbers as well) and added way better dispersion numbers...
  13. Santa brought me a pair of FJ Hyperflex shoes, 1 doz of new Chrome Soft golf balls and some socks...
  14. According to Golf Pad GPS: Driver Longest: 316y Driver Median: 275y Driver Average: 295.5y I think I am closer to the 285-290 range on average, last fitting numbers with the SLDR and the Rogue Silver: SS: 109 AoA: +1.3 Launch: 13.2 Spin: 2035-2200 Carry: 278 Total: 297.3 I think the average player is between 240 and 260...
  15. Birdiehunter17, I will but a doz from you, dang!!!!, 13 doz!!!!, no wonder I couldn't get any...lol
  16. I have a few, but to be more specific, James Hahn (personal friend) won this year with PXG equipment, next, shot 64 at my local course match play group (we played for a plastic tee...I know...lol), last, my son (US Marine) came home for the holidays from Japan (surprised us) and we played golf for the first time in a very long time, had the time of my life (he doesn't play at all, but got us a round of golf at one of the better courses in the area), he was laughing at his bad shots, which were almost every single one, didn't keep score at all, just went out and played...
  17. It's supposed to be 68* today with a bit of rain, my problem is that I am at work!!!!
  18. Haters!!! and non opened minded people...that's all
  19. I understand the doubters, but just put the ball in their hands and have them do the comparison themselves, that being said, they might not give their honest opinion, but that's fine...the ball may not work for everyone, but for the vast majority the price cannot be beat and the performance is up to par with the "top names" in the game.
  20. X did a great job, I came on right after he was off the air...I have to agree with Severtheties, I was being clowned the moment I tee'd it up, I got the "what is that" shout...lol, they still paid for lunch though.
  21. I just spoke with Hank (XM Radio live) and I gave .02 in terms of what ball I was playing prior to it, he seems to beginning to believe that the ball could make the difference in the smaller markets and who knows if we may see it on tour used by a rookie???
  22. I will be driving from Virginia to Florida for a family vacation on the 29th and returning on the 2nd, traffic should be outstanding!!!!
  23. I agree, I tried to get some but got stuck at the "review order" page...apparently they were sold out within the first half hour...WOW!!!!
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