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  1. I found a new discount code for a renewal subscription, PIMENTO50, for a net $105.88!
  2. Nippon Modus³ Tour 105 and 115 improved my feel and shot dispersion.
  3. Cut -3 Low Amateur Stewart Hagestad (let's go old guys)
  4. You can't beat the cost and convenience of the Link Pro, but Apple users gain getter utility with a new watch edition without cellular. I guess I will wait until my watch can't last an entire round.
  5. The Watch 7 series barely gets through 18 holes, but sometimes I switch to the iPhone on the last couple of holes. I enjoy the watch app features AI yardages, pin set, and shot detection, and that benefits the watch better than the Link Pro users.
  6. I have an Apple Watch 7 and am worried about battery life this season. I hope to make it through the season before purchasing another Watch or Link Pro.
  7. It's great to have your lofts and lies checked before the start of the season or every other year, and trust me, the cost is worth it! Luckily, I only had to get a few clubs adjusted to my original specifications. Knowing that your clubs are set just the way you like them boosts your confidence and helps you fully commit to every shot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Hello @Josh Parker Your message truly resonates with me, as I have been playing this fantastic game for 35 years and have a handicap of 5. It's been an incredible journey, spending countless hours on the course, striving to improve my skills, and enjoying every moment. Golf is truly a unique game that challenges us in many ways and never allows us to reach perfection, but that's part of what makes it alluring. You bring up an interesting point about the evolution of fun in golf as our skills improve. From my experience, I found that as I progressed, the nature of fun started to change. It used to be exhilarating to learn and hit a good shot now and then. But as I got better, the satisfaction shifted to setting more challenging goals, like breaking 70 or mastering a particular shot. However, as much as golf is about setting and achieving goals, it's also about the journey. There's something extraordinary about the game that keeps us coming back for more, whether it's the stunning beauty of the courses, the camaraderie with other golfers, or the personal challenges that the game presents. Now, at 58 years old, with a stable handicap and a solid understanding of my abilities, I take pleasure in the game's subtleties. I relish the good days and learn from the bad ones. The desire to improve is still there, but it's balanced with appreciating where I am as a golfer. While hitting longer drives and scoring a hole-in-one will always be a dream, I'm content with the skills I've developed and the enjoyment I derive from playing. Ultimately, the heart of golf lies in the love for the game itself. It's about the joy of playing, the beauty of the courses, the camaraderie with fellow golfers, and the personal challenges it presents. And while the nature of fun in golf may evolve, the core joy of playing remains constant. So keep enjoying your rounds and cherish every moment on the course, regardless of the scorecard.
  9. Makes sense. Companies want to fulfill their unit sales goals on their new products unless they have Apple's market cap, brand loyalty, and followers. Thanks for the update.
  10. @Cfhandyman NIce, the net cost is $132.49. My renewal is May, so I hope more discounts will come.
  11. Let's help each other and post here when the discounts are available. Thanks.
  12. I think lifetime membership is unrealistic for technology companies. I had a lifetime TiVo subscription, which lasted only a few years before technology advances and copycat companies killed TiVo. Arccos's $150/annual price model is a significant barrier for price-conscious golfers. The dilemma for companies is how much they can gain in subscribers (revenue) if they decrease their costs.
  13. Although I am not a fan of the annual subscription fees, I have tried other golf training and GPS-type apps such as Golfshot Plus, 18 Birdies, Imagine Golf, and Leaderboard. However, Arccos works best for my needs, and I enjoy supporting the brand.
  14. @Cfhandyman, The Apple Watch with Arccos was better than Link v.2 for me, but I was not too fond of the battery drain on the watch and phone. I would be willing to invest in the Link Pro if I can use the watch, and it minimizes the phone and watch battery drain. The Link Pro and annual subscription cost will deter many people, but I believe the product is better than its competitors. For us to continue to use Arccos, they need to innovate and improve each year to ask us to subscribe, and the new Link Pro will keep me around for the 2024 season.
  15. The new Link Pro is intriguing, I tried the Link but it drained my iPhone battery and my older Apple Watch barely completes an 18-hole round. I wonder if the new design solves the battery drain in my other devices.
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