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  1. I used SkyCaddie, GolfShot, and other iOS apps in the past ten years, and none are flawless products. Arccos isn't perfect, but it's easier to track and review shots using my watch or phone. It does add more putts or shots during a round if I drop my wedge near the green, but they are easily removed with a quick edit. After 91 rounds, my Arccos handicap (index) is 5.8, and the actual index is 5.7, which is pretty damn close! Analyzing my stats and focusing on the negative strokes gained areas has improved my game this season. My Smart Grips may last one more season, which is when I'll re-evaluate to stay with Arccos.
  2. Previous Titleist fittings, I fitted in TS2 and purchased the TSi2 11º S GD AD DI-6. I was surprised that I got fit to a TSR3 11º S Red Ventus TR this time.
  3. That's a great question. Send a question to starter@arccosgolf.com and they will respond within a day. Let us know what they say.
  4. I use the Club Glove, Stiff Arm, take off the driver, fairway metals, use iron head covers, wrap the clubs with a towel and close with the rain hood. Weight has never been an issue for me and I will stuff one pair of golf and one pair of casual shoes with an extra dozen golf balls.
  5. I tried the Arccos LInk, but my iPhone 12 battery drained quickly and almost didn't finish the round. Apple watch series 7 worked with minimal battery drain and I can see yardages with Smart Caddie feature, too.
  6. I have more than 10 Strackaline books (including my home course) and yardage books from courses that provide their own.
  7. I've played 4 and 5 hybrids in the past, but misses were hooks and pulls. After a year of better ball striking, I put a 4 utility build and 5 iron back into play. I don't play the 7 wood from the rough, but love it from tight lies or off the tee. Distances are 210-220. No more hook misses and pulls are less than hybrids.
  8. I received the update and played a round today. I think the update provided more putting analytics.
  9. I realized my Apple Watch is v5 and the battery dies after 3.5 hours of shot detection. It died on 18 green and after 14 holes on Sunday. For me, I don't utilize the Apple Watch functionalities to buy the updated version. I may just get the Link 2 and my Whoop on the course.
  10. Q: Is the Link or Link 2 perform better than Apple watch smart caddy app? I figured out how to use my Apple watch for shot detection after 10 rounds played. My watch needs to be within an inch from the iPhone (weird) at start round. The watch worked well, but the battery died on the 18th green and manually added the final two putts on the iPhone. The round was only 3 hours and 7 minutes, too. Should I get the LInk 2?
  11. I hear and feel your frustration, but tech companies will always create new and latest product. When Whoop updated their product last year, they offered members to upcycle the older tech to friends. Friends would get a free trial and upgraded members got a month extended. That's a better solution, which increases new people to test before enrolling into a subscription. BTW, I hate buying new TVs and cars for the same reason. There's always a new version around the corner.
  12. I finally got my new SM9 wedges from Wedgeworks and installed the remaining two smart grips to activate the membership. Unlike @goaliewales14activation issues, my iPhone recognized the free membership at checkout. Also, swapped out the included putter sensor with the updated P3 sensor. The smaller P3 design fits better on my pistol style grip. I am stoked to post rounds and check out my numbers. I'm going to use my Apple Watch and keep my iPhone in the bag. Is the watch tracking better than the phone?
  13. More golfers should consider getting fitted for a 7 wood. I play the Titleist TSi2 21° (7 wood), which launches high without missing left (Hook) vs hitting hybrids.
  14. I played in Marquette last summer at Greywalls and the course has some of the most spectacular views. Check it out.
  15. I collect yardage books and love to use them than using SkyCaddie or other iOS GPS apps. I'll even splurge and get Strakaline books for special courses.
  16. I love wearing my Jordan 1 low, 4s and 5s, but think the Footjoy Premier Series- Field and Packard are the best walking golf shoes.
  17. I was surprised to get the T200 with Modus 105 built, shipped and delivered in less than six weeks. The weather's been crummy in Chicago, but I enjoyed the feel of the new irons the last few rounds.
  18. Your not an idiot. A couple of members at my club bought 0211 ST and love them, too. I cannot believe the significant drop in price for the 0211 STs. Enjoy the new clubs!
  19. I play 75+ rounds/year and play with Vokey SM8 52° and 58°. I ordered the SM9 wedges and will integrate them into play by summer.
  20. Scotty Black Oxide 009 Newport 350g. I sold it over 10 years ago and regret it to this day.
  21. The Chicago area has wonderful public golf courses, but playing less than four hours with bunkers NOT raked, divots NOT filled and pitch marks NOT repaired on greens made me switch to private play a few years ago.
  22. I paid for my fitting at PGA SS and was fit by a certified OEM PGA professional. He applied my fee to the cost of my T300 irons. We spent 1.5 hours with different OEM irons, completed other static measurements, used the Foresight launch monitor and Mizuno shaft optimizer, too. I was initially skeptical about PGA SS, but going through the paid fitting session was 100% worth it. Next time you make an appointment, research your fitter's qualifications.
  23. I updated my 5 year old set of clubs and got all the latest Titleist driver, fairway, irons, (Vokey) wedges in my bag. And yes, I play with a Scotty Cameron, too. I enjoy playing my Titleist clubs this season and my performance has improved. It's just a personal preference for me.
  24. MCC and TV standard grips are back in stock on their website.
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