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  1. I hate the Callaway script. Always have. Disliked it on the original Big Bertha and it has stayed with me. I think it has something to do with all of the knockoffs of Callaway drivers that came out with similar script. I have never used a Callaway product although I do use Odyssey putters.
  2. You need to find a "Staff Bag". But not a giant one. The staff bags get the pockets on the outside with the irons hanging correctly. I ended up finding a gently used one at a good price. They don't seem to be making these bags anymore.
  3. Our Park District has two nice courses in pretty good condition. I can buy a senior season pass that covers both. I can play about 50 rounds a year for an average cost of less than $18 by walking. Then in January thru March I go to the Scottsdale-Mesa AZ. area and play 25 rounds at a Mesa muni for $40 a round...again by walking. I feel very fortunate!
  4. I'm very surprised no one has mentioned the guy that lines up his 15 foot putt using the line on the ball and then doesn't like it and realigns it. Then he knocks it 3 feet by and goes through the lining up procedure all over again. I used to use a line, but just got to the point I wanted to speed up my routine a bit. I became self conscious of the time it took.
  5. I am going to try to get my swing speed up to my age...77. Without hurting myself.
  6. For the cost, they can't be beat. I have had drivers, hybrids, irons and the Titanium fairways are at one time the oldest clubs in my bag. They were super.
  7. Golfworks(Maltby) and Hireko are the two I use. Hireko has some nice stuff at an attractive price structure. Golfworks is raising prices quite high but has unique and well designed products. After being bought by Golf Galaxy and then Dicks taking over Golfworks has to show more profit. But when you can assemble irons for $40-80 and hybrids and fairways for $65-100 and drivers for $120-200, makes for an interesting Hobbie. Been doing it for 35 plus years. Murv
  8. Why do men and women have different course ratings and slopes. If I, a senior golfer, play with a lady from the same tees, and we consistently shoot the same scores, why are our indexes different? Due to the course ratings my handicap would be higher than hers, but we shoot the same scores. What am I missing?
  9. I would pound the crap out of my driver...190 right down the middle. Then a five hybrid to the green. If I don't hit the drive well I would hit 5 wood. This is identical to the #1 hole at the course I play. All spring we got no roll and it was cool and windy. Usually hit 3 wood for my second...occasionally a 5. When you get over 75...you really have to enjoy the game for what it is.
  10. I have been going to Arizona for 10 years for the Winter. The first six years I would report to the clubhouse and ask to be paired up. Out there all groups are at least 3 minimum. I may have to wait a little while but I always got out and for the most part had great experiences. As a walker...being paired with a riding twosome and another rider is tough if they drive off and you have to chase them on every hole. I have probably played over 100 rounds like this and can think of only one occasion where I wished I had stayed home.
  11. I remember when I was a kid. Many times we had the course to ourselves. We would make up our own holes. Like from 7 tee to nine green and 2 tee to 4 green. We had a great time.
  12. I read the "don't chunk it or blade it" reply above and it's very true. But, when you are chipping (close to the green and wanting more roll than carry), it's better to error a little thin than chunky. When you are pitching (bigger swing, more carry) it's better to be a little chunky than thin.
  13. I like your bag. It's what works for you. Mine is similar...I do carry a 3w and 5w but carry 2 or 3 hybrids including a 6h. Longest iron is a 7. Plus 4 wedges. I am getting up in age (77) and must focus on each end of the bag. Clubs for distance approaches and clubs to get up and down from inside 100 yards.
  14. The last three years I have not had a club in my bag that I can hit 200 yards. I am age 77. The last 10 years I have lost at least 30 yards off the tee. Of course that relates to all the other clubs too. My old 150 club is now my 135 club. But don't feel too sorry for me. I still have a great short game and shoot my age a few times each year.
  15. I have no knowledge on the Glides. The TSW do fine in all conditions...very versatile. If I had room in my bag I would carry one of those high bounce wide soled jobs for the sand we have to put up with though. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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