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  1. I've had a 7 wood for a couple of years. Gave it a short trial and set it aside for 2 years. Tried it again this fall and loved it. Now I'm looking for a 9 wood. I'm aging so fast I'm replacing hybrids with iron shafts to high lofted- long shafted fairways.
  2. Many years ago I took a size 10 1/2 or 11 in all types of shoes. When I retired almost 17 years ago I began to play more golf and walked my rounds. I began to notice discomfort in my toes in a couple of years. And moved up to 11 1/2. Now I am up to a 12. As we age, our arches break down and our feet actually get bigger. It becomes most apparent in activities where we walk alot. Like golf. Just chalk it up to aging.
  3. The key for me is you saying " I just hit it and try to have a repeating motion". If a putter fitting changed your approach and got you "thinking" about your stroke, I don't see how it could possibly help. To nw, you seem to be in a great place. Murv
  4. Oh, so true! I'm 78. Just went to double digit handicap last year. Finally moved up to red tees on 4 par fours that I had trouble reaching and greatly increased my enjoyment.
  5. Lee Trevino...."You can talk to a fade, but a hook will never listen."
  6. I also have a Kangaroo. Bought it second hand at a bargain. Full remote. Thing is indestructible. Have friends with units 30 years old. But I have to break mine down and haul it back and forth. The weight is wearing on me. Would switch to a different newer, lighter unit but at my age I will be riding before long.
  7. I have gone through a variety of motivations in my life. I played high-school golf and wanted to qualify for the state tournament. After that I played in a few tournaments a year and wanted to play well. Even later I played only business golf scrambles and usually played the "A" spot. My teammates depended on me. Later it became a way to compete with myself. This has become the most rewarding era. Now at age 78, for sometime now it has been a way of competing with aging. A losing proposition. But I have shot my age several times a year since age 73 and that is my goal for each round. But you need to keep moving to shorter yardages.
  8. I hate the Callaway script. Always have. Disliked it on the original Big Bertha and it has stayed with me. I think it has something to do with all of the knockoffs of Callaway drivers that came out with similar script. I have never used a Callaway product although I do use Odyssey putters.
  9. You need to find a "Staff Bag". But not a giant one. The staff bags get the pockets on the outside with the irons hanging correctly. I ended up finding a gently used one at a good price. They don't seem to be making these bags anymore.
  10. Our Park District has two nice courses in pretty good condition. I can buy a senior season pass that covers both. I can play about 50 rounds a year for an average cost of less than $18 by walking. Then in January thru March I go to the Scottsdale-Mesa AZ. area and play 25 rounds at a Mesa muni for $40 a round...again by walking. I feel very fortunate!
  11. I'm very surprised no one has mentioned the guy that lines up his 15 foot putt using the line on the ball and then doesn't like it and realigns it. Then he knocks it 3 feet by and goes through the lining up procedure all over again. I used to use a line, but just got to the point I wanted to speed up my routine a bit. I became self conscious of the time it took.
  12. I am going to try to get my swing speed up to my age...77. Without hurting myself.
  13. For the cost, they can't be beat. I have had drivers, hybrids, irons and the Titanium fairways are at one time the oldest clubs in my bag. They were super.
  14. Golfworks(Maltby) and Hireko are the two I use. Hireko has some nice stuff at an attractive price structure. Golfworks is raising prices quite high but has unique and well designed products. After being bought by Golf Galaxy and then Dicks taking over Golfworks has to show more profit. But when you can assemble irons for $40-80 and hybrids and fairways for $65-100 and drivers for $120-200, makes for an interesting Hobbie. Been doing it for 35 plus years. Murv
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