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  2. Wow..looking forward to try this ball. Would love to be a tester.... :-) Swing speed + - 100 mph hcp 10.4 - Playing 2-3 times/week
  3. Jakob Heldorf Denmark I use a worn out Tour V2, and looking for a new :-) I'd like to be a tester for this great rangefinder manufactor.
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark Lokking for a new putter, and this looks great :-) Hcp 10 and using a TM Spider Mallet
  5. Jakob Heldorf - Copenhagen, Denmark hcp 10,8 My Dream set is a fitted set that will make a difference in my game :-) Let the experts decide !! Hope to win this fantastic price :
  6. Jakob, Denmark Taylormade spider mallet I would love to try the Pro Mallet I tend to be short or right I really would like the chance to test this putter :-)
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