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  1. I have been to a few fittings with two major brands . Titleist , and Bridgestone. I was fitted to a softer ball from both companies than their tour versions. I do feel the Bridgestone balls help me off the tee a little better. Also around the greens. So i would say yes if the opportunity presents itself try it out and get fit to a ball that fits your game. I'm a believer .
  2. Always wear something pink for October Breast cancer .
  3. golfspyhack

    Sir Hacks a Lot

    Some of my Favorite outfits to wear at outings.
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    From the album: Sir Hacks a Lot

  5. golfspyhack


    From the album: Sir Hacks a Lot

  6. Richard Procter - Stony Point, NY 93 mph Bridgestone e6 Preference: Tour X
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