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  1. Tazz: We will use the same floating face perpendicular alignment aid in the mallet that we have in the blade. The only difference is that we probably won't have the little jog in the line around the hosel - the mallet will have a bent shaft attachment so the line will be straight. -Jim.
  2. I do have hats! I'll put them on the website soon. I know Tazz is waiting for a visor, so I'll have to get to work on that...
  3. First off, I am blown away by the quality and detail of everyone's reviews – you guys write a more compelling and thorough article than many of the so-called professionals! All I had really hoped for was that you would give us a fair chance, and you did so much more. So, thank you. I'm also just a teensy bit stoked that you like them so much… I'm like a proud papa right now. As he mentioned above, Tazz reached out to me and asked me to give everyone an update on the PGA Show, which I'm glad he did since my head has been spinning for the last week. While some may feel that the PGA Show overall was “sad” and in decline, I can say that for us in particular it was certainly not. We had a fantastic show in fact. We came away with contacts and/or orders from dozens of pro shops, fitters and stores across the country as well as a ton of interest from South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, Sweden, etc. Starting this month, Sentio will be available in Japan and Singapore, with many other international markets to follow. Stay tuned – we will have a lot more on these soon. Throughout the 3 days of the show we hosted several in-booth events, which were a lot of fun and informative for everyone (including me). We had a club-fitting Q&A with Flynt Lincoln, a master putter fitter previously with Edel, and we also did multiple free putting clinics with Eric Kaplan of AxysGolf.com. Eric is the putting coach/consultant for Bernhard Langer, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Adam Scott, and many other A-list PGA and LPGA pros. Eric met us last year at the PGA Show and loves our putters. His knowledge of physiology and biometrics is unparalleled among coaches and his technique is legit. We will be doing more events with him throughout the year. BTW he's going to be on the Golf Channel this week to discuss his putting methodology and he's going to have a Sentio in his hand… We are also working on new head shapes and designs, and we had a machined model of a mallet design in the booth. This is still very much under development but we're targeting a mid-year release. That's all for now. I'll upload some pictures soon - can't seem to add images easily to this message. Any pointers from you veterans?
  4. Congrats to the 6 winners! Looking forward to working with you to get you set up with your putters & hearing your honest feedback. Thanks to the hundreds of forum members who entered too. You've got a great community here.
  5. Thanks fozcycle, PlaidJacket, and KCLeo12. I hope all of you will get the chance. If any of you plan on being at the PGAM show in January, look us up!
  6. Hckymeyer - excellent feedback. A player's connection to their putter can be so personal that buying one without rolling it first is certainly asking a lot. To that point, we are going to be hosting several putter demos at local (in MA) courses over the next couple weeks to give people the opportunity to try them out. It is tedious but necessary. Another plan is, once we are in production, to offer a money-back guarantee (like 30 days or so) for anyone who buys the putter so they can return it if they don't like it no questions asked. Even though online purchasing is growing for golf, people will always need to feel firsthand before committing, so it's an excellent point. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Jim, and I'm a long time fan of this site. I am crazy enough to have recently started my own golf equipment company, Sentio Golf, focused around a patented technology we developed. One of the things I love most about this site is the "datacratic" principle, and I wouldn't be here talking about our putters if they didn't perform. Of course, the other great thing about MGS is the readership - the fanatical, impassioned, vocal fans of a sport/pastime that can only be described as "challenging". As one myself, I have joined the forum now to connect with others that share my love of this game and to be part of the equipment conversation, to make my product and everyone's game a little better. You can find out more about us and our putter technology at http://sentiogolf.com/. We are just in our infancy, but I plan on being a part of giveaways, Most Wanted tests, and other activities in the future, if you will have me. Looking forward to being a part of this community! -Jim.
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