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  1. Looking to sell combo Zforged(7-pw) Z785(3-6). AMT X100 shafts, some bag chatter not a lot though. Asking $675 shipped Sent from my SM-N986U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Nice set of used Nike TW blades. No browning on the face, new Tour Velvet Cords installed. X100 shafts, STD loft and lie from original spec, 1/4" short for length. asking $450 shipped(Continental US only)
  3. I don't think I need to see a fist fight by any means maybe just a little animosity between the players who aren't afraid to verbally abusive towards each other. More like a Shooter McGavin scenario.
  4. I like the skins format but i hate the selection of players. I would much rather watch 4 guys who despise each other and really try to dig under each others nerves. For example anyone on tour from the US vs Patrick Reed. Or a couple fast player who are very vocal about slow play against slow players. Enough of this nice banter among friends, I want to see a complete melt down of Sergio-esk proportions.
  5. First a little background on this project, i wish i had taken "before" pictures of this putter. This was stored in what used to be our storage unit(see picture of whats left). This was hit by lightning a week ago. Some of the only salvageable items were golf equipment...imagine that, well I should say only the heads of golf equipment. Items that survived we're my son's junior putter head which is pictured, some Srixon Z965 iron heads, a couple other putter heads and to my surprise a Mizuno ST180 driver head. Anyways when I take my son golfing(profile pick) he loves to putt and was devastated that we lost his clubs in the fire. First and foremost I wanted to replace his putter and decided to refinish this before any other clubs. I wished I had taken before pictures of this so i could show the actual damage this club had taken from the fire. Anyways he picked out the color scheme to match his school colors. I think it turned out well. The grip is an older Scotty black pistol with red lettering so it looks good with the putter. I used Cerokote to coat the head a semi gloss black. Cerokote in my experience holds up really well and is very durable.
  6. Sam South Dakota SC select Squareback/Odyssey 1 W S black/ Huntington beach #8 all in the rotation 4
  7. Looks like Cleveland is launching a new forgiving wedge???
  8. I've been playing the Z785 all year and it has been great. The only thing i'd change on it is to move the weight on the sole to a more neutral or fade position, as i tend to close the face on my misses. I've added some lead tape out towards the toe a bit to help slow it down and that seems to remedy it for the most part. Its a great looking club, doesn't look too large when at address and it flat out performs.
  9. Have you hit the srixon driver? The Z785 is a bomber, it has a great shape and no bs gimmicks. Flat out performs. Sent from my SM-N960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. doing the 3 colors took me three steps of color fill. One nice thing about working with epoxy and paint is if you get too much coverage/fill just wait till it cures. Once it cures you can take a xacto knife and take out what you want with out worrying about chipping or flaking. I never had any issues with the fill coming out.
  11. If you work quickly(I use quick setting epoxy because I'm impatient)I mix the paint with clear epoxy and that seems to hold really well with paint fill on the sole. Sent from my SM-N960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. I did these wilson fg v2s a while back, keeping the red, white and blue theme. Sent from my SM-N960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Mizuno ST180 head only (7.5-11.5) does come with original head cover and wrench(not pictured) $175 Make offers Feel free to make offers or trades.
  14. Sam South Dakota Cleveland RTX-3 50* and 54* Wilson FG Tour 60* Desired 50*/54*/58* Thanks for the opportunity
  15. I have a caddytek caddyview 2 range finder. I play with others who have the name brand $300-$400 dollar range finders and I get the same distance everyone else does. The slope option does give different yardage as you would expect but I don't see a large difference in the slope yardage vs. actual yardage, but that could be because of the course I have available to me are relatively flat. This range finder does come with the option of non slope function as well, you will receive a small panel/tab that you clip on to the side of the unit for slope or non slope function. This can be switched in seconds and is very intuitive. It does have a "pin seeking" mode to it but I really can't tell the difference between the pin mode and regular. It doesn't buzz/vibrate when pin has been sighted so if you have some trees behind the green you may want to hit it a few times to verify correct yardage. It does have an adjustable focus which is nice and the optics I would say are up to par with anything else out there. Easy to use and switch between modes. Since this doesn't have the vibrate function or any way letting you know your locked on the pin it is a little more difficult hitting the pin from longer distances(say like 225yds and further). Overall for spending less than $150 I am happy with this range finder. I use this in conjunction with a GPS watch which makes it easier to rely on the distances given. if you are as budget minded as I am this is a good buy, you just maybe spending a few seconds more acquiring your target.
  16. Tier 1 Justin Rose Tier 2 Paul Casey Tier 3 Rafa Cabrera Bello Tier 4 Graeme McDowell Tier 5 Kyle Stanley Tie Breaker -13
  17. Looking at the new utility irons U85. Looks like the U65 and U45 made an ugly baby.....for heaven sakes please don't let the 985s look anything like these!
  18. Odyssey O Works #1Ws Black 34" Cleveland HB #8 35" The Odyssey has won the spot in bag for now but there are still more testing to be done! I have a Z765 driver on order(hzrdus yellow 45" x stiff 9.5*), currently fighting a DBD Alpha 816 and Z565(like this club just looks to big at address)
  19. Sam - South Dakota Cleveland RTX3 50* and 54* mid grind Wilson Staff FG Tour 60* Strengths - Full to 3/4 shots, ball flight control and distance control Weakness - greenside bare lies less than 10yds HDCP 3.2
  20. geez2323, you would be correct the Hart Ranch is a great place to place, I unfortunately don't get to play it as it is on the opposite side of the state. it would be about a 8 hour drive.
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