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  1. - Derek - Brunswick, ME - 97-101 SS 17.2 index - 3W, 19* H, 22* H Right Hand
  2. I have always found that some sports just simply don't translate to some people. If you are a non golfer I think it can be hard to appreciate what professionals do so routinely. You add in the monotone commentating and the subdued environment and it isn't something that draws people in necessarily. But when you get a taste for the game and appreciate the intricacies and nuance of the sport it can be down right addicting. Especially when someone is putting on a display of great shot making or two competitors are going back and forth it is an absolute thing of beauty. Unfortunately in a day and age where our lives are filled with constant stimulation it is not surprising at all that people would rate golf low on excitement. But, I can't really take this survey too seriously, some pretty major sports are not even on the list.
  3. I very much enjoy walking when I play. It just seems to be more fitting to me. I don't carry anymore though, I use a Bagboy Quad XL (a big more upright than most carts) to wheel my gear around the course and I really find that be most the enjoyable way to play. It also helps me settle into a round better for some reason. Fortunately the two courses I play most of my rounds at are both very walker friendly. There is something about walking the course on a beautiful day. That being said, I find that many of the better courses encourage if not require riding. On top of that, there are a lot of courses around me that are just no fun to walk because there are so many changes in elevation throughout the terrain and tee boxes are not even close to the greens preceding them. Because of those factors I do tend to ride a decent amount when I am not playing at my home course.
  4. Derek from Maine Nike Covert VRS 2.0 w/Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage 50 Graphite Stiff SS = 97 - 101 / Hdcp 18 180ST 9.5 with MCA Tensei Blue shaft, stiff (preferred)
  5. 1. Derek Brunswick, ME 2. Handicap: 18 3. Dream bag: Driver: Launcher HB 9.5* FW: Launcher HB 3W Hybrid: Launcher 3 hybrid Irons: Launcher CBX 4-PW Wedges: CBX 52*/56*/60* Putter: HUNTINGTON BEACH 6C PUTTER, O/S GRIP Ball: Srixon Q-Star
  6. Derek, 36 Brunswick, Maine Inconsistencies within my swing have really plagued me the last two years, resulting in a lot of missed approach shots. Far too often I find myself focusing on various corrections or positions within the swing instead of what I want the shot to do or what the target is.
  7. Derek Maine 18.6 Nike Covert VRS 2.0 w/Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage 50 Graphite Stiff SS avg = 97 Carry avg = 230 Phil Mickelson
  8. I used to play new all the time and just stick to the lessor priced models. Then a few years ago I took a chance on some used balls and was very pleased. Since then I buy used balls for all of my casual rounds and keep some new balls for important tournaments and such to make sure I get the performance I want. It has allowed me to step up the class of ball I use as my game has improved, but not break the bank. As a general rule I don't lose many balls, but every once in a while I have a round where the wheels fall off and I donate a lot of balls to the course. It hurts a lot less when I am not losing $2+ at a time. Honestly I find the performance to be right on par with the new balls. More than a couple times I have done a comparison for a round when the course is slow. Throughout the round I hit just as many quality shots with both and saw no discernible difference in distance, flight, or short game characteristics. Obviously there are a lot of factors to this and it isn't a perfect test, but it is good enough for me. As at least one other user stated, I will not play refurbished balls, my experience with them is that they are junk.
  9. I am just the opposite of many of those who have posted in that I tend to play better when I ride. Not sure why that is, but some of my best rounds the last couple of years have been while riding. That being said, I walk the majority of the rounds I play. I don't carry any more, I rely on my push cart, but I thoroughly enjoy walking. My home course is great for walking and I find it to be a great way to some much needed exercise in. Sometimes I even jog a bit between shots to get the heart rate up. I feel like the round feels more genuine when I walk, not to mention I can take some time to enjoy the nature around the course. I do tend to ride at new courses, but I only play a handful of rounds at new courses each year.
  10. First Name: Derek Home State/Province: Maine Current Handicap: 17 Current Iron Set: Srixon Z545 One length or Variable: Variable
  11. For anyone looking at the TecTecTec range finder in the future I wanted to add some info. I grabbed one before the start of last season for $100 and I have had no issues at all. I have compared it with the results I get with other people's Bushnell and Leupold models and have been right on the money when doing pin seeking. I have had a few times where some of the top end models have been more accurate at getting distances to hazards or random spots on the course. I have never had an instance where it has been more than 5 yards off, but 5 yards can be significant. Is it the top of the line in every way, no, but I have found it to be a solid little unit for the money and it comes with a great case for storing it. As a bonus, the original battery is still going strong. If you have the money to burn on a Bushnell, do it, I am sure you will be happy with your purchase, but if you want to save some dough for something else grab one of these units and I don't think you will be disappointed.
  12. To me, irons are the bread and butter of my game so I am reluctant to change unless it is really needed (IE swing changes, equipment failure, poor fit). I am aware the tech changes all the time, but advances in club tech over a few years aren't going to transform your game. Plus being that your irons are only a few years old I can't imagine you are going to see a lot of difference in something new unless your swing has changed drastically and/or they were fitted improperly. But that being said I am also notorious of getting the "itch" for new stuff so I completely get the attraction to something new. I think if you follow through with your plan to take your 7 and compare it against some new ones you will find that you confidently can keep the 588's in your bag. Then while you are at the shop maybe buy something else new to scratch the itch.
  13. There are definitely a lot of great suggestion on here and I am assuming by now you have bought yourself a new set, but for what its worth I recently picked up a set of Srixon Z 545's at the end of last season and I am really looking forward to getting out this year and settling in with them. I had some different grips put on and got them fitted for my swing so they feel great. From what I have heard the new model is slightly better, but the older one can be had for a really good price. It can be quite daunting when looking for equipment because there is so much great stuff out on the market. My process was to gather information from sites like this and narrow down to 5-6 clubs. I then went to a local dealer and demoed them all. I actually ended up throwing a couple of additional models in as well. Then based on feel and monitor feedback I narrowed it down a bit. Went back another time and tried out the remaining 2 -3. I even had the opportunity to use the srixons on the course a bit, which sold me on them. The funny thing was that they were not one of the clubs that I even considered in my original list, but decided to add in because of the positive feedback I had heard/read. I guess that point of all my rambling is that you absolutely need to swing the clubs, multiple times on different days if possible. Especially if you aren't golfing regularly as your swing is likely to produce different results depending on the day. If you can do that then you should be able to confidently grab a new set. Good luck!
  14. Seeing as this is a fairly old thread I am not sure how many people will still be reading, but I figured I would throw some words into the heap. The general consensus seems to be that lessons are a solid way to go, followed by practice, playing, and properly fit equipment. I would agree with all the suggestions fellow golfers have set forth in one way or another. Being a high handicapper currently I can definitively state that lessons have helped my game by helping me better understand the mechanics I need to recreate in order to play a solid round. Finding an instructor that matches with your learning style is a key as they are not all created equal. And being prepared to accept that your game may suffer initially in order to get to a better place. Proper equipment has aided in some improvement as well. For years I was using off the rack irons with no adjustments and consistently lived with ball flight characteristics that resulted from poor fit. This led to spending time trying for fix ball flight issues via swing adjustments, improper swing adjustments at that. Which would bring us back to the lessons I needed to correct some of my homegrown adjustments. So in that sense improvement by $$ is certainly attainable, but only to a certain degree. And of course you can take money and put it towards swing aids, memberships, range fees and all that. All of which may help some too. But do you know what would really make the difference?? Time, if you could take $ and make that into time then I would agree 100% that $ can improve your game drastically. At least for me personally. You see at the time the thing holding by game hostage is a lack of time. I typically swing the clubs a bit in the yard at some point during the week and play maybe 9 - 18 holes a week. Sometimes I play really well (closer to a 12) and others I play horrible, thus the 17 handicap. My humble advice is this. If you have never taken a lesson and know someone that is a good teacher, work with them on some areas of your game you think you can improve upon. Have them help you develop effective ways of practicing the game, not just repeatedly hitting balls down the range. If you have ill fitting equipment then by all means get it adjusted or replaced. But after that, take your money and find a way to practice more. Get a net for your yard, a putting mat, a swing monitor, anything that will get you out and swinging your clubs more. The more you practice, and I don't mean just swing your clubs without a purpose, but really setting a game plan and working on specifics in your game, the better you will preform on the course. Practice everything too, not just the basics or the fun stuff, but the stuff that saves you a stroke or two a round. I know if I had the time to do that I certainly wouldn't be a 17. Then again.....buying new clubs is always fun too
  15. Thanks for posting the link. I have these shoes and really like them for dry warm days. I am a big Ecco fan and own a few pairs of their shoes (golf and dress casual). They can be pricey, but I find them to be worth it.
  16. Your Handicap 17 Your State/Province Maine Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance 92 - 96 mph with Driver, carry 220ish Your Preference (F7 or F7+) F7
  17. Derek/Maine/18.6 Srixon Z565 Driver, 9.5 Stiff Srixon F65 Fairway 15 degrees stiff Srixon H65 Hybrid 19 degree stiff Srixon Z565 3-6 Iron Stiff Srixon Z765 7-PW Stiff Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin 52, 56 & 60 Cleveland TFI 2135 Mezzo Ball - Srixon Q-Star Pure White
  18. Derek, Maine, 18.3 Cleveland Tour Action 588 51* Vokey SM5 56* Cleveland Tour Action 588 60*
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