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  1. Lofts are 12 and 14 degree. You can subtract 1 degree or add 2, or play at the stated loft. You can also have the face closed, square or open. That will change the lie as well.
  2. No doubt they do some great work. Very nice looking putters!
  3. Copper is softer than carbon steel.
  4. Just put the B60 version in the bag, but I've little chance to use it much because of the weather. I used the Scottsdale version last season and loved it. Mine has the adjustable shaft and I'm using the AVS over size grip (on both versions). I like the grip as it keeps my wrists quiet.
  5. Speaks as to just how little you know about the man and the brand.
  6. Another custom wedge, another super high priced club very few will buy.
  7. Technically or not, anyone playing illegal equipment is not playing golf. Really pretty simple. People that play that stuff are the same people stealing at the store, stealing at work, cheating on their taxes etc. The game those people play only resembles golf.
  8. I think Ping's hold their value very well.
  9. I'm pretty old school when it comes to putters. Headweight of 310/320 grams works best for me.
  10. Very nice! BM is no doubt one of the very best at putter making.
  11. He did take a couple of idea's of T.P's. If he thinks he "improved" them as he often states, he really is a mixed up guy.
  12. I just don't get the whole white thing I guess. I say it is only a fad that will pass. Way too bright on bright summer day.
  13. Just when you think you have seen it all.......
  14. Ping makes a milled Anser. More than likely half the cost of the ones you mention.
  15. A oil can finish is not done with oil. It is a derivative of the black oxide process.
  16. Very nice. You could be the first since Truett Mills to really make a "handmade" putter. That name sure has been watered down over the years.
  17. Luke, In my notes I have 88'/89' for that putter but Im not a 100%. Here is a great link for 8802's though...... http://thewilson8802.dyndns.org/glp/pages/Wilson8802IdentificationGuide/Wilson8802IdentificationGuide.htm
  18. Crap......I knew I forgot something yesterday evening. I'll try to remember today!
  19. If no chims in, I have a list at home on my PC and will look it up. Don't have it here at work.
  20. Golfweek reported in the current issue that JF will only be playing TM driver and balls along with hat and bag. The report said he would stick with his current irons/wedge/putter setup.
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