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  1. What are the stats of hole in ones vs. Albatros ? nonetheless I believe a hole in one to be more gratifying as you can see the ball go in and get the reward of pulling it from the bottom of the whole faster!
  2. I’ve been a member for 5 + Years and got demoted to Recruit! I guess I only posted on the giveaways and need to be more active now!
  3. Fernando - Florida 19 Handicap with 90 - 110 MPH swing speed LH Taylor Made M2 Would like to review a LH G410 Plus with a stiff shaft.
  4. Fernando Florida, Pompano Beach 17 TaylorMade M2 STIFF LEFT HANDED i210
  5. No left handed driver offered? I feel left out once again @MyGolfSpy
  6. Fernando Capriles / Pomano Beach, Florida 17 Handicap Playing a mix of ProV1X, TP5X and Snell MTB. I am a low spin player.
  7. 1. Fernando - Panama City, Panama 2. 17 Handicap 3.- LEFT HANDED Woods - Laucher HB - Irons Launcher CBX - Wedges RTX 3 - Putter TFI 2135 Thanks for this awesome opportunity.
  8. Miami Fl Odyssey Toe Up #9 left handed OWorks #9 left handed or oworks black 330 left handed Thanks
  9. 1) Fernando Capriles / Panama City Panama. 2) Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Left Handed. 3) Not Custom Fit 4) Queen B 9 LEFT HANDED!
  10. I live in Panama City Panama Current putter is the Oddyssey Toe Up Mallet putter Need improvement all over as I am averaging 2.1 putts per hole
  11. First Name: Fernando Home State/Province/Country: Panama City Panama Current Handicap: 20 Current Iron Set: Taylormade M2 Left Handed
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