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  1. If I ever play BD I think I'm just gonna skip #12
  2. Well doubling down on not touching the sand is an effort to save his job at BD. But in the overhead shot you can clearly see the color of the sand change from light to darker where he brushed it and then a later close up clearly shows the brush marks as well. As a caddie at the resort, maybe this is a regular practice for him when he's caddying for guests (it shouldn't be) and he just lost situational awareness for a moment. A shame for everyone involved.
  3. I use the MG Elite for a good part of the year here in the Houston area. Oddly, when I lived in CA I tried that glove and hated it. In the drier conditions in CA that glove would tear quickly, well before I would consider it worn out. But in the Houston area, with the humidity, I find that glove becomes saturated and I'll want to change it out before it tears. And it doesn't become saturated any faster than a higher priced glove so in that regard it becomes a good value. I buy about 20 at a time.
  4. I've been a member over there since 2016 (under a different nom de plume). Agree on the migration issue - its been a disaster. But as far as the BST is concerned (and I've only done 2 transactions and was the buyer both times) it has completely fallen off a cliff because when they made the migration they lost the feedback system. So between that and the pay to play scheme they have going over there its become a completely untrustworthy place to do business. They also have one forum sponsor who's business practices and customer service are some of the worst around judging from the horro
  5. I have both a Windy City and Bucktown. For the price you really can't go wrong. Personally I really like the grip on these models - its one of the best things about them IMO. The size and shape fits me well and helps keep hands quiet. However, the entire line is counterbalanced. If you're not into that then you probably aren't going to like them. Myself, I have a love/hate relationship w/counterbalanced putters. Currently in a hate stage so both of them are sidelined for now. If you've never tried a counterbalanced putter AND distance control on longer putts is a problem for you then y
  6. In all seriousness, your website, such as it is, is a joke. Virtually nothing can be learned about your product there.
  7. A subjective opinion needn't be absolute. Saying Miura irons are better than 90% of all other irons is no more or less subjective than saying they are the best. Either way, whether you or I agree w/the OP I'm sure the marketing dept. at Miura is delighted.
  8. You argue against someone's subjective opinion by offering two of your own. And as far as Tennessee whiskey goes, George Dickel is far superior to Jack Daniels, IMO.
  9. As it turns out, it was all limited edition.
  10. The one in Upland, CA near me is closing as well. By the time I got there golf balls were pretty much cleaned out. Did pick up a couple of Snake Eyes quarter zip long sleeve pullovers that I like to use for layering pieces in winter. I'm gonna miss that Snake Eyes clothing brand. Also got a few gloves too although those were picked over pretty good as well. Picked up a set of Wilson Staff FG5 irons (demo set) for 25% off. Its funny I think people look at those and think they look like shiat because nobody ever cleaned them up while they were a demo set. 10 minutes spent with a scrubber sp
  11. Maybe they can tastefully engrave some swing thoughts on each shaft in Comic Sans
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