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  1. Keith Cook Handicap and Location: ️+1.7, Michigan Current Irons and 8-iron distance: ️Maltby KE4 Tour + | 8-iron, 160-yards What do you know about Sub70? ️Great company! Outstanding reviews all over social media. Great customer service!
  2. - Keith - Michigan - Scotty Cameron 6M - Putting can be a strength, but also a weakness at times. Distance is normally good, but miss the line & pace on short putts, especially under pressure.
  3. 1. Keith, Michigan 2. Handicap: 6 3. Titleist AP1 710 (2010) 4. JPX 900 Forged / JPX 900 Tour Irons BY FAR weakest part of game. Looking to upgrade to new set, but haven't found right set combining feel/distance/forgiveness. Would love to test Mizuno's JPX 900 irons!
  4. Keith Cook Michigan, USA 4 Previously used GameGolf, but didn't like significant manual inputs required after each round and the fact it didn't record all shots due to losing GPS on some holes. Not using any current Performance Tracking System.
  5. Would love to test. I'm a low ball hitter and use hybrids to help with launch angle. However, many current hybrids are designed to be "hot", which usually means lower trajectory and rollout. The crossovers are interesting because they are designed to launch higher, but still produce distance. First name: Keith Home state: Michigan Current handicap: 3 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex: Ping G20, Stiff Flex
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