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  1. Theo (60) in eastern MA. Slicing the drive in particular and directional accuracy in general Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I would love to test try the Sentio putter and give it a fair shot Handicap is 18 Live in MA Currently using a Ray Cook
  3. Would love to test / use this putter. I play approximately 75 rounds - although often only 9 holes after work, annually My handicap is 18.5 and I am using either an Adams tight lies (my wife insisted on trading for my trusty old Cobra one day and won't return) or Pro Select 104 depending on whether I'm home or traveling
  4. Ahhh....the putter grip. That chewed up, dry-rotted, fill-in-the-blank-with-whatever-nasty-adjective-you-like-most, thing in my bag.
  5. You're right - there's no free lunch. The catch is that they want you to "review" equipment for which they will charge you market price. Yes, you will get the putter, wedge, wood, whatever they promised, but you will pay for it one way or another - shipping charges, built into the cost of the "test" equipment, etc. The other issue is once you get on their call list they never leave you alone. The equipment is not bad, but I would rather not be bothered. Just one man's opinion...
  6. OK, finally got my crazy “end of the year rapidly approaching” work/travel schedule to cooperate with my “can't wait to try this so I can write a review” with “winters coming soon” urgency to harmonize, so here goes… 1) Ergonomics - look and feel: I liked the way this unit felt right out of the box. It fit my hand (men's large glove) perfectly. With the slightly knurled bottom recess in the crook between thumb and palm, my forefinger rests on the focus wheel and my middle finger rests on the red button used to activate the rangefinder. The dual display toggle for switching between bright red or sharp black characters and icons is easily accessed on the front directly below the eyepiece. My regular golf partner uses the Tour V3 and I have to say, we both prefer the Tour X slightly smaller size and weight. The included battery is easily loaded through a front access door. I cannot think of anything Bushnell could do to make this more comfortable although the focus adjustment wheel is a bit tight for one finger operation, so I slightly discount this score to 95/100 2) Ease of Use: The Tour X is quite intuitively easy to use and even without the included, clearly written, multilingual manual, a rangefinder novice such as myself can figure it out immediately. The 11 pages of English instruction include an introduction to salient features and technology, succinct instructions on operation, options, and product care, as well as specifications, warranty, troubleshooting, and the obligatory FCC and FDA notes. Right out of the box one simply inserts the battery and the unit is ready to go. The case is convenient and hangs on my bag. Perfect score on this one - 100/100 3) Performance: On the course this unit shines. The viewfinder is clear, the optics excellent, and the dual (either red or black) internal display informative and yet uncluttered. The indicators include pin seeker, aiming reticle, battery life indicator, active laser, and range in either yards or meters. The Tour X can be configured to provide USGA conforming distance only when using the black faceplate. By simply switching to the included red faceplate, slope and compensated range are also displayed. This swap is easy and the extra faceplate simply lives in the holster. Note the red lens utilizes a micro USB to activate the slope feature - a little care in attaching and removing is probably wise. It does require a relatively steady hand, but distances are computed rapidly and usually a slight jolt indicates that the target is locked. I found that this feature, while handy, did not always activate. My course has a number of elevation changes and when the pin is partially obscured, this is much more likely to occur. The range is indicated to 1/10 of a yard (or meter) which is precise but, at least for me, unnecessarily accurate. When comparing to my friend's Tour V3 the yardage was similar but not always exact - which casts further doubt on the need for 1/10's of a yard. Occasionally the range would appear to be wildly off and a second or third sighting would be required. I'm guessing that on a flatter track these slight annoyances would be less noticeable but for whatever reason, that's not my norm - therefore 90/100 4) Total Score / Personal Evaluation: If you are looking for a rangefinder and have need for the ability to swap between USGA conforming distance only or optional slope and compensated range, this unit is ideal. As I am a bit of a techno-geek this appeals to me and together with the excellent ergonomics and ease of use I rate this a “highly recommended” and award a “plus” to the averaged evaluation, therefore 95+/100 5) Likelihood of Purchase: I travel quite a bit and try to take advantage of the opportunity to play new and different courses. I previously used a GPS app on my phone and while it is seemingly not nearly as precise, it has the advantage of providing information that is not line of sight (which is very handy playing over a hill on an unfamiliar track) for considerably less cash outlay. In the ideal world one might use both and now that I have been spoiled, I find myself reaching for the Tour X whenever possible. So I guess my final judgement is - with a little disposable income in the golf account, I would now want/need (it always hard to separate the two) to buy a rangefinder. They certainly start at considerably less, but if one wants the best or needs the features, I would highly recommend the Tour X.
  7. As many have before me and hopefully can continue to do so, let me first thank MGS and Barbajo for the opportunity to test the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder! The time elapsed between the announcement of testers and arrival of the product seemed interminably long. A bit like a month long night before Christmas. The anticipation was amped due to my travel schedule - hectic, and the knowledge that in all probability the package would arrive while I was away. This necessitated explaining in some detail to my wife about MGS, product testing, the prospective package and the naturally ensuing skepticism on her part - yeah, more golf stuff, how much this time, sure it's free... whatever! OK, so finally it arrives and naturally I'm not home so I don't get to see the delivery in situ, but what the hey - it's a smallish brown cardboard shipping box. We've seen plenty of these - pretty nondescript. Let's see what's inside - looks like a Bushnell box below the air cushion packing - excitement builds! Finally, a glimpse of the seemingly long awaited tool in it's own "wrapper" Can't wait to explore the contents - instructions on top Boys will be boys - the instructions can wait - time to get tactile OK, got it all unpacked and together now - and oh yeah, beyond the interchangable faceplates which allow the user to opt for either USGA conforming distance only or slope and "plays like" distance, they even include a fully charged battery and lens cleaning cloth - attention to detail rates high in my book. First impressions -> (beyond the aforementioned attention to detail) Nice feel - solid but not heavy Fits the hand well - ergonomics well considered Excellent optics with either red or black display based on lighting or user preference Uncluttered view screen with pertinent info Can't wait to get it on the course - and none too soon, up here in the northeast my club closes for the season on November 30
  8. Greetings from southeastern MA, I'm a very occasional (one round every two or three years) hacker turned enthusiast. After major shoulder/neck surgery ten yearsI was told that I would not be able to play and that provided the motivation to prove overwise. Now I can't get enough. I travel extensively for work and always have clubs with me just in case there's an opportunity...
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