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  1. Evan from North Royalton, Ohio Handicap: 9.6 Current Sticks: Taylormade RSi 1 4-AW
  2. Selling Wilson Staff Triton Driver, comes with original head cover, as well as driver head tool and interchangeable head plates. Has an Aldila Rogue 95 MSI 60g. shaft with A-flex shaft in it. In good condition, looking for around ~$80-$85 plus shipping. Can negotiate on price
  3. Looking to sell old Callaway XR 3 wood. In great condition, well kept as I do take pride in maintaining condition of my clubs. XR 3 wood comes with stock grip as well as the stock Project X R-flex shaft. Includes head cover as well. Looking for ~$70 plus shipping. Can negotiate on price If interested, can send an email to orangegroh@yahoo.com, or send a message on one of social media accounts listed
  4. LOWER Price: Looking to sell my old Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Driver. Kept in good shape, love the feel of the driver itself. Driver comes with the standard stock shaft, Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage 50g R-flex. Looking for ~$85 plus shipping. Comes with original head cover as well as the driver tool. Willing to negotiate on price If interested, can send an email to orangegroh@yahoo.com, or send a message on one of social media accounts listed
  5. Evan from North Royalton, Ohio Taylormade RSi 1 PW, AW Taylormade TP R Series 58 degree PING Gorge 60 degree 52 degree wedge to demo works
  6. To me, based off clubs I tried, I would learn towards Taylormade for everything. Had the RSi 1 irons for about 5-6ish years now, even though they’re regular KBS shafts, I love them. Just upgraded my driver from Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 with regular Fujikara shaft, to a Taylormade SIM with a HAZDOUS smoke stiff shaft. The SIM is such a fantastic driver with the new technology put into it. Really only used it 5-6 times so far, but getting a better feel and hitting some solid bombs. But, my 3 wood is Callaway XR with regular shaft (desperately need a stiff), 3H Titleist 915, 58 degree TM TP wedge, 60 degree PING Glide wedge, and putter a Nike Method Concept 01 putter. Personally, I’ll keep the putter for quite some time as I love it. 3 wood needs a new shaft, or replaced. 3H is most iffy club in the bag. I don’t think relying on 1 brand is necessarily a bad thing though. It’s whatever you think is best for you, and what feels best. When it comes to drivers, I’ve never been a fan of Callaways. Taylormade for a while and finally pulled trigger with the SIM
  7. Evan/ North Royalton, OH 460 desired to test Swing Speed: 113-115 mph
  8. Evan Groh/Ohio Handicap: 12.5 Current Irons: Taylormade RSi 1 Carry Distance of 7-iron: ~172
  9. hoops5579


  10. Evan from Ohio Current putter: Nike Method Concept 01 Preferred Putter: Odyssey O-Works Red #7
  11. Evan North Royalton, Ohio Strengths of short game: -Hitting greens from green-side bunkers -Wedge shots from 50-75 yards -Flop shots Weaknesses of short game: -Distance control from 80-100 yards -Consistency with chips from around the green Best PING Glide 2.0 set: Color Code: Blue Shaft: N.S. Pro Modus3 105 Flex: Stiff Length: +0.25" Grip: Dyla-wedge Grip color code: Aqua Current Wedges: PW: Taylormade RSi 1 Flex: Regular 46 degrees AW: Taylormade RSi 1 Flex: Regular 50 degrees SW: Taylormade ATV Flex: Regular 56 degrees LW: PING Tour Wedge-Gorge Flex: Regular 60 degrees
  12. Those putters caught my eye and would love to be able to have one in real life. Rounds Played Annually: 45-50 Current Handicap: 10.3 Current Putter: Nike Method Concept P.S. Don't know what to do since Nike no longer makes clubs! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Evan Groh North Royalton, (THE BUCKEYE STATE) Ohio Current irons- Taylormade RSi 1 with REAX Steel Regular Flex shafts Handicap- 12
  14. Evan Ohio Driver: Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 with Kuro Kage Mitsubishi Rayon Shaft-Regular Flex Swing Speed: 100 mph Average Carry: 255
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