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  1. Uhhh.. looks like this JDM thread got hijacked by American Muscle!
  2. Leave it up to Nike. Good for mini golf, I suppose.
  3. You all remember this thread the next time your eyes get locked onto another woman. It just might cost you a lot of money, you'll end up confused, and you will soon likely just want to go back to the old one. At least your driver will take you back.
  4. This is good advice, as well as most offerings in this thread. Great stuff for me to think about. Thanks to all who have commented here! I remember Patrick Reed commenting at last year's Ryder Cup about how helpful and beneficial it was to him to be able to just walk the course with Tiger and learn how he would attack it. To see the course through his eyes, in other words. Reed was in awe of Tiger's mind and said it had changed the way he looked at things. Then went out and crushed it. Pretty cool to hear a pro talk about learning like that.
  5. Will be praying for a quick and full recovery for you! I had knee surgery 3 yrs ago on the right knee, which I think is the less important knee when it comes to the right handed golfer... much less torque during the swing vs. the left knee. My running days are over, but I am enjoying golf. Agree with the other comments about PT. A great PT is just as important as a great surgeon. If you are not overjoyed with your PT practitioner, don't hesitate to switch to a new one. Follow the plan, do the exercises, and keep going to the gym! Best of luck to you for quick healing.
  6. Names for your foursome: •Three Men and a Baby •The Breakfast Club Sent from my SM-G900R4 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Agree with all of that. I won't watch the video either. The amount of assumptions and premature speculation that people dive into and then (irresponsibly) share is unbelievable. First, people were assailing his judgment, assuming he was drunk. Now, they are postulating that he has a drug addiction. I get that it is in our human nature, but give it a rest already. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Rev- Encouraging to hear things are moving in a better direction! Take it a day at a time and know that we are all praying for you guys. On a side note... see if you can steal some of her steroids (anabolic?) to lengthen out your drives! Sent from my SM-G900R4 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. Driven, successful people find a way to own their mistakes and grow from them. Hopefully, that's what happens here.
  10. Great review. Nothing like feeling that your set up is right! It comes across in your enthusiam. Not fan boy at all, just happy golfer. I have always liked Cleveland product and agree with Carolina Golfer 2 that they produced great drivers for years under the radar. Also concur that the 588 DSG was on the short list of GWOAT status (Greatest Wedge of All Time). Bring that design back! Anyway, good to see Srixon/Cleveland producing.
  11. From Jack Nicklaus' book, Golf My Way: "Feel" the clubhead for improved rhythm- Feeling the weight of the clubhead against the tension of the shaft helps me to swing rhythmically. As the backswing progresses I like to feel the clubhead's weight "pulling" my arms back and up. Starting down, I like to feel the weight of the clubhead lagging behind - resisting - as the thrusting of my legs and hips pull my arms and hands down. When I can "wait" for these feels, I am almost certainly swinging in proper tempo. I am giving myself enough elapsed time to make all the various moves in rhythmical sequence.
  12. Good news. Thanks for the update. Keep em coming!
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