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  1. Nothing else taken except for some small electronics in my center console. They left my maui jim sunglasses even and all the change in my change tray?!? Interesting way to think about it to say my next round will cost me $1000 to play. OUCH! I have schedule a time to get fitted and I'l report back to what the trackman suggests is best for my very flawed golf game.
  2. Sad weekend. I had to call my golf buddies and tell them I can't play on Sunday after church since my clubs were stolen out of the locked trunk of my car on Friday night. If only 10-12% of golfers are left-handed, what percentage of golfers do you think happen to left-handed burglar golfers? Back on topic, I've been told by my insurance agent that after I pay my $1,000 deductible I have the green light to replace my lefty set with new sticks. My old Ping woods, hybrids, Mizuno irons, Titleist wedges and Callaway putter are all not made any more so whatever I get will be new. Traditionally I was the guy who purchase a used wood every now and then when I found a deal, but now I'll be the guy going to get an entire set: driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter, bag, balls, towels, rangefinder, tees, rain gear, water ball retriever, etc at the same time with little regard to pricing. Sure I wasn't looking to spend $1000 on golf equipment this year (my wife isn't happy), but now I'm forced to. I'll never replace my lucky ball marker, my Penny Hardaway 1 cent driver head cover or the bag tag from that golf course I worked at during college, but damn it I will have the prettiest setup you've ever seen to go with my 18 handicap game. Yes, I will be "that guy" who most judge by putting money into his equipment instead of lessons. Help?!?! Other than going to get fitted, what would you recommend for someone in my situation? What is your "dream" bag setup of buying everything new? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Anyone seen a good recent post on something like this? Anyone walk in my shoes before and have any wisdom to share?
  3. Chris / Memphis, TN Walk 50% / Ride 50% Current bag is the Ping Hoofer (at least 10 years old)
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