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  1. Chris Little Rock, AR 14 Handicap Bridgestone J15CB T200 is what id love to test
  2. Chris Arkansas Handicap: 13 Current: Cleveland RTX 2.0 54/58 50/f, 54/m, 58/s
  3. Chris Arkansas Handicap: 13 Current Ball: Bridgestone Tour B RX Want more speed
  4. Chris Arkansas Nike Rain Suit Rain in a scramble that rained all day and the course was soaked.
  5. The weather has kinda cooperated this week. Got an afternoon tee time today and might play Tursday as well. Im play alone today so I can compare the MTB Black vs. Bridgestone E6. Looking forward to the input I get from it
  6. I am the same way with the weather. I am ready to try the Black out and compare it to the currect ball I use to see how it stacks up
  7. Stage 1 – Snell MTB Black Introduction First I would like to thank MyGolfSpy and Snell for the opportunity to test and provide them feedback on their golf balls. My name is Chris and I live in the Little Rock, AR area (and my parents live in the same town that John Daly is from as well). There are some very nice courses around this state and I love to explore new courses to help develop my game. I love the game causes of the challenges it gives me but I also love getting outdoors with good friends and having a wonderful time. Golf has opened some new avenues for me as well. In 2013, I decided to volunteer at the Western Amateur here in Arkansas. From that point on I was hooked and wanted to volunteer at a higher level golf tournament. In June of 2014, I decided to volunteer for the Fedex St. Jude Classic in Memphis, TN. The following year I decided to do fund raising for St. Jude in conjunction with the golf tournament. If you have never volunteered at a PGA or LPGA level event, you do not know what you are missing. This is will be my 4th year on the SHOTLink Committee and it as much fun as playing a round of golf. Getting to be inside the ropes and see some great players up close. I've been playing for about 8 years and have been gradually improving over the years with my game and equipment. From taking 4 to 6 lessons a year to lots of range time to gradually tweak my swing, I can honestly say that I am proud of my progression considering my work schedule. I Finally saw some major improvements at the of last year and hope to carry that forward reach single digits. What's in my bag right now: Driver: Callaway XR Stiff Flex Fairway Wood: Callaway Steelhead XR 3 Wood Regular Flex Hybrids: Ping Irons: Bridgestone J15CB Wedges: Cleveland RTX3 54 & 58 Putter: Scotty Cameron Golf Ball: Bridgestone E6 Handicap: 13.5 As far as my golf game goes, I am not one of the longer hitters so I tend to want my Driver ball flight to be lower to give me a little more roll out. I tend to hit a higher ball flight with my irons that lands softer on the greens and gives me a decent amount of spin. The E6 ball fits into my game pretty well because I love the feel around the greens with it but it is very consistent off the tee. Teaser: As an amateur, it is nice to be able to find an alternative to the brand name golf balls that can not only fit well in a budget but give us comparable results. Not everyone out there can afford the same high end brands played on Tour so any alternative is something I am definitely interested in. I looking forward to seeing if the Snell MTB Black can improve on the distance off the tee and the feel around the greens. I need to have. I look forward to putting it up against my current ball and give you an idea of how it matches up.
  8. 1. Chris, Arkansas USA ​2. 13.5, 95mph 3. Taylormade M1 Stiff 4. G400 Max Driver, Stiff Shaft
  9. Wow! What an awesome deal!! Im IN! 1. Your first name and home state or province: Chris Arkansas USA 2. Your current set makeup Callaway Driver, Callaway Fwy Wood, Ping Hybrinds, Bridgestone Irons, Cleveland wedges, Odyssey putter 3. Your current handicap 13.5 GHIN 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season - My goals are to increase my distance some and improve my consistency in hitting the fairway and approaches to the green. Thanks again!
  10. Your first name and home state/province: Chris Arkansas - Your current handicap 14 - Your current golf ball Bridgestone E6 - Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player I am in the middle cause I have such a high ball flight with my irons but I lower ball flight with my driver. I think the BLACK would be perfect for me
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