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  1. Club Champion is going to make you happy. That’s what professional fitters do. If there’s an issue with the shafts being too light, then they’ll put you into a heavier shaft. That said, the question still remains as to why the fitting seemed fine but reality shows otherwise. One significant factor that occurs in situations like this is the fact that you were fit indoors. Many, not all, but a high enough percentage of individuals swing differently indoors. I’ve seen it hundreds of times. That’s why I used to only fit outdoors. You have your “natural” swing in that environment AND you can act
  2. Ken California Handicap 21 Callaway Big Bertha 4-5-6 hybrids Easy to hit
  3. Easy one for me. If I make a par, it’s usually if I managed to one putt. I use this name for all the golf sites I go to as it was always available!
  4. Iron length has little correlation to your height and is more predicated on your wrist to floor measurement as arm length varies on everyone. I had a guy who was well over 6’3” tall but his arms were so long, he needed 1” shorter! The irons mat very well be the proper length BUT it sounds like the lie angles were left alone. Adding the inch changes the specs enough so that could be the reason you’re hitting them fat. Get them checked first, see if it makes a difference. If not, your fitter blew it.
  5. I still use either a 5 or 7 wood but have replaced my 4-6 irons with hybrids. Works for me.
  6. Not my style, not my price point. To each his own.
  7. Cobra makes a great starter set, excellent quality. Pretty sure it’s available LH.
  8. I tried their app for a driver when I was starting to lose my love for my gamer. It came back with the exact setup I was playing! When I contacted them to complain I was told I should be happy that their software affirmed my setup as the best. PS, I’ve moved on rather quickly to a different driver/shaft. Waste of money.
  9. I’m gaming their 3 wood. Perfect amount of forgiveness and equally awesome to tee off with on tighter holes. Big fan.
  10. I found a 3 pack of Cabrera leather gloves at Costco for 14.99. Unbelievable value! Great glove.
  11. Ken/CA US Handicap 18 Current irons Titleist AP-3 Carry distance 140
  12. Ken Alterwitz. Palm Springs, CA Yes Red Sharpie drawn with an alignment tool Titleist ProV1 Red AlignXL
  13. Ken California 18 handicap Titleist AP3 145
  14. Current Golf Ball Bridgestone e6 soft current handicap 18 prefer soft, thanks
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