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  1. Rick, Illinois Hdcp: 3 SS: 95-99 Titleist 917D2 G410 Plus
  2. RIck, Illinois 5 MP-18mmc's w/UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F4's i500 w/Recoils (if possible)
  3. Rick from Illinois Titleist 903D2 w/UST Mamiya Elements Chrome 7F4T SS 99-101/hdcp 2.4 9.5*/MCA Tensei Blue
  4. Rick, Illinois Titleist 913D2 w/UST Elements Chrome Titleist 915Fd w/Aldila Rogue Black KZG U-Iron w/Proforce V2 Mizuno MP-18 MMC FliHi 4-5 w/Recoil 95's Mizuno MP-18 MMC 6-P w/Recoil 95's Titleist Vokey 51-56 Callaway Sure Out 64 Odyssey O-Works Tank #7 HDCP: 1.7 Goal is to erase that 1.7
  5. Rick, Illinois 35" TP Mills Professional Series Klassic 35" Odyssey O-Works Tank #7
  6. Rick, Illinois Titleist 913D2 w/UST Mamiya Elements Chrome 7F4T 99-104, 240yds carry Twitter: RickSiekmann iPhone
  7. Rick, Illinois 4 Mizuno MX-23's JPX Forged or Hot Metal Attracted to the GI aspects of the HM's, but love the feel of Mizuno forgings!!!
  8. 1) Rick/Illinois 2) ~4 3) Titleist 913D2 w/USTMamiya Elements Chrome 7F4T 4) 104/240 5) Phil
  9. Awesome opportunity!!! 1. 150 rounds per year 2. 3.8 3. T.P. Mills Professional Series Klassic w/~100g's counterbalance
  10. Awesome opportunity MSG! Rick Illinois Titleist 910D3 w/UST Mamiya Elements Chrome 7F4T 4.2 GHIN 104 (Diehard Titleist guy, would love to give Callaway a chance to shake up my world view.)
  11. Rick Illinois 4 18* KZG U-Iron, UST ProForce V2, 106g, stiff...Ping would be hard pressed to knock it from the bag (just sayin').
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