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  1. 54/13 BP Grind 60/10 C Grind Both have SteelFiber i95 “R” shafts & Lamkin midsize Z5 grips Off market .
  2. I know a few guys who putt great with the face-on style. I actually have a generic brand that's 42.5" in length, in great shape with a split grip (Tacki-mac) I would be willing to sell it for $50 + actual shipping and will throw in a really cool Craftsman Golf Joker headcover for an additional $10. I can text or email pictures if you're interested.
  3. Excellent condition 10.5 Driver head and 15* 3W head. HEADS ONLY. NO SHAFTS, NO WRENCH, NO HEAD COVERS. Will ship to conUS for $245 (for both)
  4. Going to move to a different selling platform if I get no offers! Anybody?
  5. The PXG 0211 driver and 3W with Even Flow Riptide just don't suit me. I thought I'd offer a good deal here in case someone wanted to try them. No takers so far.
  6. Make a reasonable offer! Asking $325 shipped to ConUS. 0211 Driver (10.5 deg) with Even Flow Riptide CB 5.5R 50gm shaft & headcover. 0211 3W (15 deg) with Even Flow Riptide CB 5.5R 60gm shaft & headcover. Will sell as pair or separate.
  7. New player - I'm up for pay to play. Good with any format.
  8. Gently used 0211 PXG (15 deg) 3W with headcover. EvenFlow Riptide 5.5 (R) 60 gm. $175 shipped to lower 48.
  9. NO LONGER FOR SALE PXG DRIVER 0211 - 10.5 Degrees EvenFlow Riptide CB 50g 5.5 (R) flex Headcover included. Gently used. $185 shipped to lower 48
  10. Hey Fozcycle - Good question. The answer is that I used to keep a (back-up) set of clubs in Florida (while living in AZ) to make travel easier. I have now made Florida my full time residence so I'm just thinning the herd - so to speak. I seem to hit my Ping irons a bit more consistently - and they have AZ desert scars - so their value is not as high. I have a buyer for the Honma irons - so I'll probably upgrade soon. I'm looking at Sub 70 699, Ping G425, Tour Edge E721, and Mizuno 921 HM. Any and all feedback appreciated.
  11. These will be traded in tomorrow morning if nobody buys them. Last chance for a sweet deal on a sweet set of irons.
  12. Yes - Standard length, loft, lie. Sorry - I should have included that info.
  13. Barely used set (5-11) of Honma forged irons. Beautiful clubs in EXCELLENT condition. Factory originals with Vizard graphite shafts (85R). Pictures show the condition of these great clubs. Read the reviews if you aren't up to speed on these irons. They are sweet feeling forgings. Standard L/L/L - full specs available at https://us.honmagolf.com/products/t-world-x-irons. I am willing to ship to lower 48 for $400.
  14. VERY random selection of divot tools, ball markers, and logo balls from various courses around the country. Minimum 4 dozen balls per box - along with a few ball markers and divot tools. Medium Flat Rate box costs me $15.05 to ship. The contents are $14.95. Therefore: $30 shipped to ConUS.
  15. I've got a great set (almost new) TM M5 with graphite (KBS) 5-AW. Shoot me a # and I'll text photos. I'll ship to ConUS for $325
  16. Great deal - MISSED OUT Sold today on eBay.
  17. EVNROLL ER2 - 34" 385 gram head. TourMark RD 3 Reverse taper grip. Great condition. NO matching headcover. Will ship to lower 48 for $185. No trades right now, I'm thinning the herd!
  18. Same screen name for me - I'll take the high road and not mention the guy who stole my putter.
  19. Thanks for the welcome back guys. Much appreciated. As for deauxrite's offer - I accept and will reciprocate up here at Talking Rock ranch
  20. I may be interested in selling a couple Evnroll putters. I've got an ER2 and an ER5.

    I'll post picks and info later. Just checking the interest. Both are in great shape. Probably looking fo $200- $250 + actual shipping.

  21. Hi guys - I used to be an avid user of this forum a few years back. I was soured on the whole thing by a nother forum user who screwed me out of a $300 + putter. I have gotten past that and hope to have my faith in mankind (and golfers in general) restored. I'm a 65 year old retiree living near Prescott, AZ. I'm laid-up right now recovering from a shoulder surgery, but I've got lots of potenetial buy-n-sell interest.
  22. Just trying to get contact info for "Shortside" - I might have a great putter deal for him.
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