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  1. Hi guys - I used to be an avid user of this forum a few years back. I was soured on the whole thing by a nother forum user who screwed me out of a $300 + putter.

    I have gotten past that and hope to have my faith in mankind (and golfers in general) restored.


    I'm a 65 year old retiree living near Prescott, AZ. I'm laid-up right now recovering from a shoulder surgery, but I've got lots of potenetial buy-n-sell interest.

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  2. Mike McFerron, Prescott, AZ

    I've owned all kinds of rain gear. Some good, some not so good. Currently own Foot Joy Dry Joys (vest, jacket, bucket hat and pants).

    Having lived in 5 different states (IN, MI, SC, FL, AZ) and being fortunate enough to play in Scottland, and at Bandon Dunes, I've experienced rain from sprinkles to near hurricane conditions. If it doesn't lightning, and the course doesn't close - the round will be completed! - Therefore, I feel I'd be a worthy tester.

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