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    Multiple times per week
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    Short Game
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    Driver/Off the Tee

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  1. Doug / Chaska, MN Handicap - 4 Vokey SM6 56 and 60 Glare resistant
  2. Doug Podolak Chaska, MN - Hazeltine yes limited use of Golf Buddy Leupold GX 5i3
  3. Doug MN Adams - wearing it out, but it is still the best consistancy
  4. Doug - Hazeltine, Chaska, MN Range finder - Sprinkler heads. Use a Skycaddie for several years but found the range finder better as the old Skycaddie didn't provide enough green surround detail I am positve with technolgy. Adds interest, precision and SAVES time.
  5. Ready to try the newer model. Skycaddie at one tome now a combo f range finder and other devices.
  6. Doug - MN 4 I have used several putting devices, from alignment aides to stroke path devices.
  7. Doug Minnesota Odyssey 2 ball Pro Series X dream 34" Left
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